Why Is My Lemon Tree Not Growing? (3 Solid Reasons)

why is my lemon tree not growing
why is my lemon tree not growing

There are many factors that can contribute to the stalled growth of a tree. Most of the time, users are dealing with exposure and water supply issues. So, you should always start by inspecting the basic requirements of the plant to isolate the problem. With that said, seeking help from an expert is also a good method to avoid spending any extra time on the issue.

A few questions have recently been recorded regarding lemon trees not growing. If you’re also confused about why your lemon tree is not growing, then these solutions will help you get around the growth problems

Why Is My Lemon Tree Not Growing?

1. Insufficient Nutrition & Sunlight

Insufficient exposure to sunlight and poor soil structure can create problems with your lemon tree. So, you should try to remove the extra shade from the tree and make sure that it is in the perfect spot for maximum exposure to sunlight. That way, the tree will be able to create food and growth throughout the season easily.

Similarly, poor soil conditions can create growth issues for your plants. If you didn’t prep the soil before planting the tree, then you should try to rely on some quick action fertilizers. Depending on the current condition of the tree, it shouldn’t be too challenging to restore the health of the tree. So, make sure to consult experts working at the store while picking fertilizer for your lemon tree.

2. Water Schedule

During the growth cycle, the lemon tree needs quite a bit of water to maintain its health. Most users don’t give much attention to the growing demands of the tree, and there is just not enough moisture in the soil to support the plant. To verify this situation, you should try to dig two inches into the soil and squeeze a lump in your hand.

If a few drops of moisture escape your hand, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if the soil crumbles up in your hand and it is completely dry, then you need to think about increasing the water supply. Introducing some composting mixture will further help you improve the water retention of your soil. So, make sure to keep this information in mind if your soil doesn’t retain any moisture.

3. Pests & Diseases

If you’re sure that the exposure and water requirements of the tree are managed, then there is a good chance that your tree is suffering from pests and diseases. To get around this problem, the best thing you can do is rely on insecticides from the market. If you’re experienced in creating organic mixtures, then you can also use some ingredients from your home to keep the pest away.

With that said, your best option is to seek help from professionals. That way, it will isolate the exact issue, and you won’t have to waste any extra time in guessing the issue. So, just reach out to gardeners in your region or hire a general contractor to help you get around this problem with the lemon tree.

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