3 Reasons Why Do Farmers Detassel Corn

why do farmers detassel corn
why do farmers detassel corn

Corn is an important crop that is grown as a primary source of food for not only humans but is used as food for all the different sorts of cattle as well. Not only corn is important greatly for the economy and it adds a lot to the economy, but there are certainly other factors as well that are added to the environment and corn adds great value to the soil as a rotation crop as well. If you are looking to get your hands on the corn and want to grow it for your farm or the backyard.

Detasseling is the term used for removing the tassels that have staminate flowers of corn on them. That helps you to avoid self-pollination and that is great to have the perfect corn without any problems with them. Self-pollination on the corn can be troublesome if you are looking for cross-breeding on the corn. The immature pollen bodies are removed from the corn and then placed on the ground to make sure they are not pollinating corn that is still growing. There can be a number of reasons that farmers have for detasseling the corn, and here are a few that you will need to know about.

Why Do Farmers Detassel Corn?

1. Self-pollination

The first thing that you will need to be aware of is that self-pollination is a major concern for the corns. Every corn plant has both male and female flowers so you will have to ensure that they are not self-pollinating. There are tassels at top of the plant and produce the pollen that produces other fruit and corns. The wind can cause this pollen to shake loose and fall on the silk of corn. The silk is simply connected to each of the corn seeds and the pollen can make its way to the seed. If left to grow naturally, the corn will be pollinating on its own and that will cause them to grow the same type of breed on the corn.

However, cross-breeding is an important factor to produce better corn plants that are great for not only the production amounts and will contribute greatly towards the production, but they will also be more immune to any of the diseases that might be coming your way. To make it possible, different strands of corn are mixed and it is made possible by detasseling the corn first and then introducing them to a different breed of seed for better results. It is simply great to have and farmers are often attempting the practice to make it possible.

2. Seed Preparation

While the detasseling takes off the pollen from most of the seeds, it is not only beneficial for better crop production and having a better immunity towards diseases for these plants but there is a lot more to it as well. This corn that is produced as a result of detasseling the corns is proven to be the stronger and better seed for the next crop productions as well. So, if the farmers are planning to use their products for the seeds for their own farm or to distribute them amongst the other farmers, they will need to make sure that they are detasseling the corn in the right manner and that will help them out perfectly to make sure that the seeds are strong and they can be used for a better production for other crops.

3. Longevity

It doesn’t only increase the strength for all these seeds but also helps out greatly with the longevity and those seeds that have been prepared after detasseling the corn are proven to be a lot better in terms of longevity. Not only you can use them for the next year of your crops, but they are going to be highly beneficial if you are planning on storing them and they are to be used for many more crops for the years to come.

4. Hybrid corn

The detasseling also help out greatly with producing a hybrid variety of corn that would be great for a number of different applications and you can mix two different breeds of corn pretty easily by detasseling the corn and then introducing them to the pollen of some other strain.

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