Why Are There Snails On My House? (3 Reasons)

Why Are There Snails On My House
Why Are There Snails On My House

Snails are animals from the gastropod family that have small shells on their back. These are mostly found in long grass or gardens with tons of plants. You should note the animal can usually for about 25 years if it gets all the nutrients required but most of the ones living in wild can only go up to 10 years. Some people also keep these animals as pets because of how easy they are to take care of.

Though you should note that wild snails can also carry lots of diseases and damage your gardens which is why these can also be an issue. Recently, people have been asking the question “Why are there snails in my house?”. If you have the same query in mind, then going through this article should help you in understanding why this is happening. This is because we will be providing you with some reasons behind the issue as well as ways that can be used to deal with it.

Why Are There Snails On My House?

  1. Snails Trying To Find Nutrition

In tons of cases, these animals look for areas where they might get the nutrition required to keep themselves healthy. The most likely place where you will find the pests should be in your garden. The plants you are keeping should provide a lot of shade to the animals so that they can keep themselves cooled down.

Other than this, the snails should also find the plants full of nutrients that can be consumed. While this is quite normal, the main issue is that these animals will continue to grow in your garden. They can start spreading all around the plants and even start damaging them. If you are worried about your flowers, then make sure that you take steps to avoid this issue.

The best solution that you can go with is using companion plants that are known for repelling insects. Tons of varieties can be planted which will keep the snails away from your garden. This can be a great option as tons of users might be thinking about planting vegetables or fruits in their houses to harvest them. Snails can ruin the harvest which is why appropriate steps should be taken in advance.

  1. Snails Looking For Shelter Inside Soil

Other than these animals looking for nutrition from the plants in your house, another reason they might be present in your house can be that they are looking for a shelter. While this can mean that the snails might also enter your house, there is a higher chance of these roaming around in the soil instead. The main reason behind this is that the soil in most houses is generally dry in spots that attract snails.

If you are getting this issue, then it can be important that you understand that keeping your soil moist is essential. This not only repels insects like snails from your garden but also helps in keeping your plants healthy. When it comes to this, some other things should be noted as well. This includes watering the plant frequently but ensuring that the soil does not gather any liquids inside it.

This is because too much water can damage your plants instead and suffocate their roots. To prevent this from happening, you can keep a drainage system in your garden that allows all the extra water to escape. If taken care of then your plants will stay healthy while the snails are also repelled.

  1. Fertilizers Being Used In Your Soil

Finally, one more thing that you should note is that snails can also be attracted to the fertilizers you are using in your soil. Some nutrients might attract the animals while some might help in repelling them. Depending on what type of fertilizers you are using, the problem might or might not be due to them. With that being said, the first thing that you should try is using fertilizers that have more nutrients than the snail dislikes.

However, if this is not possible due to the growth of your plants then another solution can be tried. There are tons of brands that manufacture chemicals made to repel insects like these. You can go for one of these companies and pour the pesticides made by them along with your fertilizers. These should be enough to keep all the snails away from your garden.

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