4 Reasons Why Are Blackberries Sour

why are my blackberries sour
why are my blackberries sour

Blackberries are one of the most exotic fruits that you can get out there. They are small and blackish in color, but are sweet and have a delicious and juicy texture to them. The blackberries are grown and ate in all the different places around the world and they are a great delicacy to be enjoyed as well.

So, if you are looking to grow blackberries in your garden or farming them commercially, you will need to take care of them optimally. Otherwise, they might go bad, leading to situations where you might wonder why are my blackberries sour, bitter, and whatnot.

At times the blackberries can be sour and that is something that you will need to be particularly careful about. The sour and bitter taste of blackberries is not something pleasant that you would want to have.

There can be several factors for the blackberries to be sour and you will need to be careful about them all if you want to have the perfectly ripe and sweet blackberries to be used for beverages, desserts, or to be eaten as a healthy snack. So, a few reasons the blackberries might be sour and to fix them are discussed below.

Why Are My Blackberries Sour?

1. Pick Them Right

Blackberries start as bitter and sour and then they turn to be sweet when they are perfectly ripe. So, you might be picking them a bit earlier than it needs to. The best way to sort that out would be to taste a blackberry after you feel like it has been ripened properly.

They are all usually black so there is not much that you can figure out just by having a look at the blackberries. You will need to taste a berry and that will help you with figuring out the right time to ensure that they have turned sweet when you are picking them from the tree.

You need to be mindful of the fact that once the blackberries have been picked from the trees, there is nothing that can be done to change their taste. So, if the blackberries have been picked and they are sour, they will not be turning sweet no matter what.

2. Weather Conditions

Blackberries are highly dependent on the amount of rainfall that they are going to get. This has a great effect on the taste of blackberries as well. If the water intake is less, or there has been lesser rainfall in the growing season for the blackberries, that will cause you to have sour and bitter blackberries. you will need to increase the watering routine for these trees. This is to ensure that the blackberries grow sweeter when they are perfectly ripe.

At the same time, too much water can also be bad for the blackberries. It will make the taste go bland and that is not something you would want to have either. That is why you will need to manage these plants with great care. Water them efficiently to ensure that you are not missing out on anything and having the perfect experience with growing them that will get you sweet blackberries to enjoy according to your choice.

3. Strain

There are different strains of blackberries as well. These have more seed on them and they are a bit sourer than the other variants. That can be easily figured out by looking at those blackberries. If the blackberries have more seeds on the outside, that will make it obvious that they will be sour.

So, you will need to check on that while planting the tree. Also, make sure that you are getting the right tree strain that can grow sweeter blackberries. This will help you to have the sweeter blackberries that you would like to have.

4. Nutrients

These trees don’t require an extensive care routine. But, sometimes it can be the soil that can cause you to have these problems. So, you will need to make sure that you are getting the soil tested for the acidity levels in the soil and all the other nutrients as well. That will help you to use the right fertilizer and balance the soil efficiently to get the rightly sweet blackberries.

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