How To Grow Sweet Blueberries? 5 Factors To Consider

how to grow sweet blueberries
how to grow sweet blueberries

Blueberries are loved by everyone and they have a rich exotic taste that is peculiar and sweet at the same time. Yet, these blueberries are a bit hard to grow and you will need to take extra care for these plants if you are planning on growing some blueberries in your farm or backyard as a hobbyist.

Even if you are looking to grow them at a larger scale, you will need to know about how to plant and take care of these so that you can have the rich and healthy fruit as you might be seeking. So, a few things to know about growing sweet blueberry plants are:

How To Grow Sweet Blueberries?

1) Planting the Seed/plant

To start with that, you need to know how you can plant a seed. You don’t necessarily need to start with the seed, but instead you can also buy a small plant from the nursery and then plant it in your garden. You just have to make sure that the hole you are digging is twice deeper than the roots of your blueberry plant that you got. After that, you will need to cover it up with the soil and water it adequately to ensure that it can grow well.

2) Soil

Blueberries are rich in natural acids that are good for health for sure. However, they also need to have the right type of soil that is not only good with drainage and ventilation but it has the right acidity as well.

You will need to check for the acidity of the soil that you are planning to plant the blueberries with and if it is anything above 5.5, you will need to bring it lower for the soil to be suitable for your blueberries to grow sweet as you would like them to be.

3) Cut the old branches

Now, if you are planting a bush from the nursery, you will need to cut off the older branches that might be on there for the new growth to happen and that will help you certainly with getting sweet blueberries. The newer branches will be able to get the right nutrition that they need this way and you will be able to make sure that you are getting the right growth on your blueberry bush.

4) Location

The location of your blueberries is of most importance. Blueberries can grow in partial shade as well, but if you want to have the sweeter blueberries that are healthiest as well, you will need to choose the location that gets the better part of the sunlight and this way your blueberries will be getting the best of all the elements that they need to grow sweeter.

5) Water

You will also need to water them right. They consume too much water and you will need to water them frequently. Two times a day would be great to keep them sweeter. However, due to shallow roots, you should not be using excess water and you should have ample measures for the drainage of water as well.

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