What To Do with Extra Dirt from Landscaping? (Suggestions)

what to do with extra dirt from landscaping
what to do with extra dirt from landscaping

Landscaping the yard alone can be quite challenging if you’re trying to do it alone. It is always best to rely on extra pair of hands to get the job done faster. With that said, you can hire professionals or ask one of your friends to come and help with the garden. That way, you will be free much faster, and your garden will be transformed.

A common question that you will notice on online forums is people asking what to do with extra dirt from landscaping. Let’s go over this topic briefly to give you a better understanding.

What To Do with Extra Dirt from Landscaping 

There are many different methods that can be used to utilize the extra dirt from landscaping. One of the most common things that people do with extra dirt is to level the garden and fill in any holes left by groundhogs or other animals. Other than that, you also have the option of adding minimal portions of the extra dirt into the composting mixture to improve the consistency and the decomposition rate of the soil. However, make sure that the dirt is not wet, as wet dirt can negatively impact the decomposition rate.

Another widespread use for extra dirt is to create raised garden beds in the yard. Even though you will have to use other composting mixtures in the elevated garden beds, this project can take a lot of dirt, depending upon the size of the raised bed. Once you’re done, the garden will look more beautiful with specialized spaces for different types of vegetables and plants. Luckily, buying the frame for the raised bed is relatively affordable and shouldn’t affect your budget.

If you don’t want to go for any of the options mentioned above, then you can always add the excess dirt around plants to elevate them flowerbed for better drainage. All of these methods are quite variable and present the perfect solution for people struggling to get rid of extra dirt from landscaping.

However, if you believe that the garden is perfect and won’t benefit from the extra dirt, then you can always dump the excess. The only thing that you need to ensure at this stage would be to keep track of your local dumping policies and avoid unnecessary issues related to water control. You can also ask professionals to remove the excess dirt if you hand the landscaping done professionally.

To Conclude

Among many methods of utilizing extra dirt from landscaping, the most popular ones include developing a raised bed and filling in holes in the garden. Both of these projects can take up the majority of dirt from the yard landscaping.

However, if you’re not interested in modifying the yard in any way, then the only option left is to dump the dirt. Try following your local waste management policies to dispose of the soil properly. You can also hire a professional to remove the excess from your garden if the size of your garden is enormous.  So, if you have the budget to hire a professional, that will be the perfect method to take care of extra dirt.

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