5 Reasons Why Your Thyme Plant Is Dried Out

thyme plant dried out
thyme plant dried out

If you are into plants and herbs, you might also know about thyme plants. The thyme plants are fragrant herbs that are very advantageous for your health. They are a good source of fiber, manganese, iron, and copper. Thyme plants are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. However, these plants need extra care for their growth. Today, our article will focus on the most asked question about the thyme plant dried out. Let’s dig in.

Why Is My Thyme Plant Dried Out?

1. Dry Soil

Thyme plants grow in a damp environment. This means that you need to keep the soil wet at all times. Dry soil will affect the growth of the plant. This also means that the plant will dry out easily.

Dry soil is an open invitation for fungus and mold to grow. If the mold or fungus starts growing in the soil where the thyme plants are present, then these plants will start turning brown and eventually die. Therefore, make sure that the soil is wet. Water the plant every day to make sure that the plant grows healthy.

2. Too Much Water

Too much water is another cause for your thyme plant to dry out. The thrive plants prefer a Mediterranean environment that offers humidity, strong sunlight, and a good temperature. They have the quality of drought resistance. This means that too much water is not a favorite environment to live in. if you overwater the plants, then the plants will dry out and die. Therefore, make sure that you supply them with the required amount of water.

3. Less Sunlight

Thyme plants need proper sunlight to grow efficiently. If your plant is placed at a location where it does not receive enough sunlight to grow properly, it will dry out. Also, these plants require proper temperature conditions to grow healthy. Therefore, make sure that you place your thyme plant where there is enough sunlight and the required temperature for the plant to grow properly.

4. Slow Draining System

Thyme plants require a proper draining system. These plants thrive when they are provided with an efficient drainage system. If your plant has a slow drainage system. It will cause the soil to dry out. This will cause the plant to turn brown. As a result, the plant will dry out and dry with the passage of time. Therefore, provide your plant with an efficient drainage system to ensure the healthy growth of your thyme plant.

5. No Holes In The Pot

If you have planted your thyme plant in a pot that has no hole at the bottom. This will prevent the excess water to escape from the pot. As a result, the water will be stored in the pot and eventually will affect the roots of your thyme plant as it will make the soil boggy. This will also cause risk the growth of fungus and mold in the soil. The fungus and mold in the soil will make the thyme lant dry. As a result, the plant will die.

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