Terro Not Killing Small Ants? (4 Things To Try)

Terro Not Killing Small Ants
Terro Not Killing Small Ants

Ants are small insects that can be found in almost every household. These are usually attracted to sweet things and can be found searching for stuff to eat. The insects have tons of varieties that usually differ in size and color. It should be noted that these pests are mostly harmless if found in small quantities. However, the main problem with them is that they can start gathering inside your home. The infestation usually continues to grow unless taken care of. This is where products like Terro come in that are designed to kill these insects.

Terro Not Killing Small Ants

Terro ant bait consists of small particles that usually attract these insects towards it. After the ant proceeds to consume the bait, it should die resulting in fixing your infestation issue. Though, there are also some problems that you can run into with this product. People have recently been reporting that Terro is not killing small ants. People that are getting similar problems should note that going through this article will help them out. This is because we will be providing you with several reasons behind the issue as well as ways that can be used to deal with it.

  1. Terro Takes Some Time To Work

When getting this problem, people should first note how long it has been since they used the product. This is essential as you need to understand that Terro takes some time to work. Most people expect the chemicals inside Terro to work instantaneously which is not true.

After the particles from Terro ant bait are consumed by ants, the chemicals inside it should circulate inside the insect for some time. It is usually reported that the ants will start dying after 24 hours but this can even take up to 48 hours in some cases.

Keeping this in mind, people should note that if it has been over 2 to 3 days after using the product and there still aren’t any dead small ants then this chemical might not be working. However, if it has not been this long then waiting patiently is your only option. Usually, the ants should start to die, and you can easily notice this if you wait for a few days.

  1. Type Of Terro That You Are Using

Terro mainly comes in two different variants. One of these is the popular ant bait particle version that is used mainly because of how easy it is to use. Though, you should note that the brand also has a liquid version that works the same way.

The only difference with it is that you have to pour the liquid or spray it in different spots. While this might seem like a lot of hassle, the great thing about it is that it works much more quickly. The chemicals are slightly weaker, but this is why the liquid version is a lot better for smaller ants.

In most cases, these varieties can have a hard time trying to consume solid particles. Although the liquid Terro can be easily consumed by the ants, it can also be used in tight spaces.

  1. Not Using Enough Terro

When using Terro, one important factor that everyone should consider is how bad the infestation in their house is. This can play a huge role in whether the product will work or not. This is because if there are too many ants then the user has to pour additional Terro so that all of the insects can consume it. Moreover, this has to be used several times to ensure that all of the pests are taken care of. If you are not using enough Terro then a few small ants dying will be unnoticeable.

  1. Using Another Product Along Terro

Finally, people need to understand that if using a lot of Terro ant bait is still not helping them out then the infestation in their house might be too bad. In this case, it is recommended that you use another insect killer along with this product for the best results. The ant bait from Terro is also often stored by ants instead of them consuming it which can cause tons of issues. You should use a spray along this product to ensure that all the small ants are killed.

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