Ants Not Dying From Terro: 4 Possible Reasons

Terro Ants Not Dying
Terro Ants Not Dying

Ants are eusocial insects that are related to both bees and wasps. This is the main reason why there are so many similarities between these bugs. Ants evolved from the variety known as vespoid wasp which further diversified after the rise of flowering plants. The insects have since spread across the globe and can be found roaming around in almost every region. While these common bugs are usually not an issue, people should note that there are also some issues that they can run into with them.

Having an ant infestation is a common problem which is why brands like Terro have come up with products to tackle this issue. Terro ant bait is a great product that can attract insects and then kill them after consumption. This works great but there are also some problems reported with this chemical. Ants not dying from Terro is the most common issue that you can get which can also be quite annoying to deal with. This is because killing these insects is the main objective of this product. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with several reasons behind this problem as well as ways that can be used to deal with them.

Why Is Terro Ants Not Dying?

  1. Waiting Some Time

The way Terro works is that you spray the particles in a spot where ants have been found roaming around in. The unique scent on the product will then attract nearby insects resulting in them consuming it. Once this happens, people expect the ants to die after a few minutes.

However, you need to understand that this is not how the chemical works. The chemicals inside Terro are known for acting slowly and these can take some time to work. In most cases, it is reported that the ant will die after 24 to 48 hours of consumption.

Keeping this fact in mind, if you have used Terro recently then wait at least 2 days before the results can start showing. The ants can also take some time to consume the product which is why you should stay patient for a few days.

  1. Not Using Enough Terro

Another reason why you might notice that ants are not dying from Terro can be that you are not using the product properly. The first thing people need to keep in their minds is how big the infestation in their house is. This plays a huge role in how much Terro should be poured.

If you are only putting the chemical in small quantities, then this will not be enough to kill all the ants. These insects also reproduce at a fast pace which is why ensuring that they die quickly can be important. If you notice that most of the Terro ant bait is gone after a few hours of you using it.

Then the only option that you have is to pour more of it. This should help you in getting rid of the issue as well as the infestation in your house.

  1. Ants Storing Terro

Most users might have already noticed that ants often lift the bait and take it with them instead of consuming it. This is because these insects have a habit of storing food in their homes so that it can be used later on. If you aim to get rid of the ants, then your only option is to wait until this gets consumed.

However, on top of being a slow procedure, another problem with Terro can be that its chemicals wear off once the ants consume them. Alternatively, these can build a tolerance against the chemicals. The best way to prevent this from happening is by using another product along Terro.

  1. Faulty Product

Finally, if you notice that your ants are still not dying even after using the steps mentioned above then something might be wrong with your Terro ant bait. When it comes to this, people need to understand that the chemicals also have expiry on them.

Additionally, these can go bad in hot climates which is why carefully storing the product is important. If your Terro ant bait has gone bad, then you can contact the support team Terro to help you out. Alternatively, you can purchase a new pack of Terro ant bait and then use it in your garden.

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