Should A Compost Bin Be In The Sun Or Shade? (Guide)

should a compost bin be in the sun or shade
should a compost bin be in the sun or shade

If you give sufficient attention to layering, it would be easier to manage the compost pile. The only thing you should focus on is the proportion of brown to green. If the compost pile is too wet or too dry, then the proportions are not perfect.

You might need to add more browns or more greens, depending upon the situation of your compost pile.  One of the most common questions beginners ask is should a compost bin be in the sun or shade. If you’re also unsure, then follow through to figure out.

Should A Compost Bin Be in The Sun or Shade?

There are two basic types of compost that gardeners like to prepare. First, we have regular composting, which relies on nature for the decomposition of the compost ingredients. Secondly, we have vermin composting, which relies on the use of worms to decompose components. So, depending upon the type of compost you’re using, gardeners can either keep it in the shade or the sun for maximum efficiency.

If you’re planning to use the regular composting method, keeping the compost bin in the sun is better. That way, the heat will make it easier for the components to decompose.  You can maintain the container outside the building in direct sunlight.

Keeping the bin in the shade will increase the time it takes for the compost components to decompose. So, regular compost should be kept in direct sunlight to heat up and deteriorate faster than the standard rate.

On the other hand, if you’re going with the vermin composting method, it is better to keep the compost bin in the shade. The shaded situations are better for the worms to decompose the organic matter. When the bin is kept in the sun for too long, the worms will start decaying the food. So, if your compost bin is small, you can just keep it indoors and take it out whenever you need compost.

However, if you’re handling an enormous container, it should be kept away from the building, and you can develop a shade according to the size of your compost bin. If you have a small garden, then managing a vermin compost bin is relatively easy inside. This is how you can decide to keep the compost bin in the sun or shade, depending upon the type of composting method you’re going to choose.

To Conclude

Whether or not you should keep a compost bin in the sun or shade depends entirely upon the composting method you’re using. If you’re using the standard way, then the sun is a better option. However, if you’re using the vermin composting method, then the shade is better for you.

Along with the shade and the sun, you will have to keep the temperature in mind. If the vermin compost bin exceeds a specific limit in temperature, then that can reduce the efficiency of the worms. On the other hand, people prefer to heat the compost pile. This is to get a faster decomposition rate for huge compost piles.

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