5 Common Problems With SAME Tractors

same tractors problems
same tractors problems

There is something about tractors that has kept them relevant, even after centuries. From farming to gardening, modern tractors can perform a wide range of tasks.

They come with heavy-duty engines to make troublesome tasks an absolute cinch. They can pull heavy loads seamlessly and provide a high tractive effort at slow speeds.

If you have done some research on tractors, you must have heard about SAME. Società Accomandita Motori Endotermici, commonly known as SAME, is a well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer. Based in Italy, the company was established in 1942.

The company is particularly known for manufacturing tractors, which stand apart from the competition in terms of durability and features.

Common SAME Tractors Problems

No matter how durable SAME tractors are, they all have their shortcomings. So, if you own a SAME tractor, you may encounter a few problems while using it.

Thankfully, there are many effective solutions that can troubleshoot the problems. In this article, we will list some of the most common SAME tractor problems and their solutions. Let’s dig deeper without any further ado!

  1. Tranny Problems

Tranny Problems

Tranny problems are one of the most common problems that you may face while using the SAME tractors. Even those people who had a good experience with these tractors complained about tranny problems. However, it is pertinent to mention that these problems only occur after long usage.

If your SAME tractor is running out of fuel, you are likely to face tranny issues. These problems can lead to gear problems; as a result, you may struggle to shift through the gears. The shuttle shift may fail to engage in any direction, or sometimes, your SAME tractor may not respond at all.

Your tractor’s fuses are the first thing to check if you are facing transmission issues. A fuse is a tool that is designed to blow out in case of excessive electricity to keep your tractor safe.

You can inspect it visually to find out whether it is intact or not. If it’s not, consider replacing it.

If you want to perform the replacement yourself, make sure to check its amperage rating and buy the right one. Fuses are available in many amperage ratings, and the rating is indicated by the color of the fuse’s body.

And yes, make sure to switch off the ignition of your SAME tractor before engaging in any mechanical work.

Fuses are found in the fuse panel of a tractor. If you are unsure about the location of the fuse panel, you can refer to the tractor’s user manual.

In addition, check to see if there is any fuse layout on your model. The fuse layout will provide you with handy information regarding fuses and their replacement. Once you have accessed the panel, inspect closely to find the blown-out fuses and replace them.

If fuses are in good working condition, consider lubricating the components to ensure smooth operation.

  1. Engine Problems

Engine Problems

Any farmer will tell you that engine problems are quite common in all tractors, and SAME tractors are no exception. You may face several engine problems while using the SAME tractors, such as startup problems or overheating.

It is seen that SAME tractors suck dust and dirt from surroundings more than other tractors. Expectedly then, it is very easy for the radiator and other components to get dirty over time.

And when they do, they make the engine work harder than usual, which leads to overheating. It also takes its toll on your tractor’s fuel efficiency, and it starts consuming more fuel than usual.

If you notice that your SAME tractor has started overheating recently, check its radiator first. A radiator is a tool that eliminates the heat from your tractor’s engine to prevent overheating.

So, if you are facing overheating problems, there is certainly something wrong with your SAME tractor’s radiator.

It is recommended to clean the radiator with a radiator cleaner. Distilled water may also work for you, but a radiator cleaner is meant to be used for this purpose. Furthermore, do not forget to drain it first before cleaning it.

Apart from the radiator of your SAME tractor, a dirty air filter can also cause overheating. An air filter is a component that stops dust and debris from entering your tractor’s engine.

A clean air filter gives clean air to the engine, which is crucial for combustion. Once you have taken it out, see if it needs cleaning. If it is dirty, it is time to clean it!

The good news for you is that cleaning an air filter is a piece of cake. Even a vacuum cleaner at your home will clean it thoroughly. You can consult the user manual to find out where it is located. Put it back in after cleaning and reinstall the screws.

  1. Front Axle Problems

Front Axle Problems

Many users have complained about the front axle problems while using SAME tractors. A front axle is an important component of any vehicle that assists with processing shocks and provides a cushioning effect.

Some users stated that the front axle breaks easily. However, it is important to mention that this problem is specific to older SAME tractor models only. The new models have durable front axles that withstand shocks and last longer.

  1. Faulty Wirings

Faulty Wirings

Some users also complained about the self-combustion issue resulting from the bad wiring in SAME tractors. Of course, wiring holds paramount importance in the proper working of a tractor.

It distributes the power to all components that need it. Not only is it important to start your tractor, but it also plays its role in keeping your tractor up and running.

If your SAME tractor has a self-combustion issue due to faulty wiring, it is recommended to seek help from a trained professional. They will examine your tractor and tell you what needs to be done.

Undertaking wiring repairs on your own could be hazardous. So, don’t hesitate to contact a mechanic.

  1. Reputation


Lastly, most farmers seem to have problems with the SAME tractors because of their reputation. While these tractors are not really ill-reputed, they do not enjoy a great reputation like some other popular brands.

Of course, reputation is important to any brand, and a brand with a better reputation is likely to attract more customers.


SAME is an Italian company that specializes in manufacturing tractors and agricultural machinery. Many issues have been associated with these tractors, and it is recommended to try a few solutions before contacting the customer care service.

Tranny issues, engine issues, and front axle problems are some of the problems that you might face while using these tractors. Make sure to lubricate the components and conduct regular maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

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  1. hi i have a same titan 145 and i imagine my gearbox has got a bit jumpy and i am told i need it calibrated but i cant find anybody to do it ,what can i do . any help would be very greatly appreciated

  2. Hi friends,
    I have a new Same Delfino 60 hp year 2021
    How do I reduce the idle RPM – it is now 900, bur I’d like it to be rather 600 if possible.
    At the mechanical side I have set to the lowest point, so I guess it must be on the electronic control where changes must be made. Can anybody give me an idea.
    Thank you so much
    Theo Mueller- Portugal

    • I also have a 35HP SAME w/Mitsubishi and identical starter removal problem today, 11/16/23. Did you ever learn where and how to remove starter bolts? Definitely well hidden.

  3. Same Tractors , older models that are air cooled are reliable, no water pump, no radiator , no water head gasket failures, no hoses to leak, no thermostat , in my experience with water cooled engines the most common failures are related to water overheating, or loss of coolant, corroded Walsh plugs , broken hoses, etc , in the last 60 years I have owned and worked on over 100 tractors from Massey Ferguson, Case , Komatsu, Kubota, Lamborgani ,Nuffield, Same, Fendt, Ford, Iseki ,Cat, International ,Fiat, David Brown , Chamberlain , John Deere, they all have there own engineering design faults and problems the air cooled engines i have owned be it stationary or in a Tractor regardless of make are the most reliable i have used . my 2 cents worth.


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