Rise Gardens vs Gardyn Growing System: Which One Is Better?

rise gardens vs gardyn
rise gardens vs gardyn

Planting different varieties in your garden can be a lot of fun. There are tons of plants that you can choose between and each of them has unique characteristics.

Though when it comes to these varieties, people should understand that there are some requirements to maintain them.

Users that don’t have any experience gardening might find this annoying. However, they should note that some brands have come up with growing systems that can be used instead.

Rise Gardens and Gardyn Growing system are both amazing options that you can go for.

These are smart gardening devices that can grow plants on their own. As long as you keep them plugged inside an outlet, the device should ensure that the varieties growing are kept healthy.

This can be amazing as even people with no experience can grow different plants without much effort.

Talking about this, if you are interested in purchasing a device like this then you might wonder what the differences between Rise Gardens and the Gardyn Growing system are.

Going through the information provided below should help you in understanding which device is better.

Rise Gardens Growing System vs Gardyn Growing System

Home Growing System Rise Gardens Growing System Gardyn Growing System
Maximum Pod Capacity 16 to 48 Pods Supported 30 Pods At Once
Water Level Alerts Enabled On All Models Enabled On Gardyn 2.0 Kit
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes Supported Yes Supported
Mobile Application Android and iOS Support Android and iOS Support
Lighting System Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Lighting Wattage 2 x 45W LED Lights 2 x 60W LED Lights

Rise Gardens Growing System

Rise is a famous brand that is known for its lineups of home growing systems. These are devices that can be used to grow plants as long as you keep them maintained.

rise garden

The only thing you need to do is keep the food and water compartments filled up.

This is quite easy, but some people might forget to do this. When it comes to this, the plants will start to die if the water levels drop.

The main reason behind this is that home growing systems like Rise use a hydroponic system. This only uses water and there is no soil used when growing varieties.

The process allows the hydroponic system to save a lot of water as none of it is wasted.

However, having a hydroponic system also means that there are some limitations. When growing varieties people have to go through them carefully as some plants might not grow.

There are several reasons behind this including the plants not being able to grow in water. Alternatively, the varieties might require a lot more spacing than what the growing system has.

This is why keeping all of these factors in mind can be essential when purchasing the device.

The Rise Gardens Growing System has 3 variants that you can choose between.

The main difference between these models is the number of pods that can be planted. You should note that the smallest Rise Garden can grow 16 pods while the largest one has a capacity of 48 pods.

Other than this, the features on these devices are the same. The main reason why the capacity is different is because of the nursery garden style used by this brand.

When it comes to this, you should note that the Rise Garden has small nurseries that can hold 16 pods each.

You can place these on top of each other to increase the maximum capacity of the pods which can be amazing.

The device is built with a vertical design that allows it to grow tons of varieties without any issues. Though the shape of the growing system looks similar to a shelf or cupboard.

The requirement for water and food also increases as you add more pods so keep that in mind at all times.

Luckily, Rise Gardens has an alert system that will notify people once it requires additional water. Wi-Fi compatibility is also great as you can connect the system with your internet connection.

This allows people to keep a check on the device even if they are not at their home. Having a feature like this is amazing as you no longer have to stay worried about your plants.

Gardyn Growing System

Gardyn is another famous brand that is also known for its home-growing systems.


The company has come up with several products over the years and each of them is equipped with unique features. The main reason why this growing system is compared with Rise Gardens is because of the design.

Both hydroponic systems use a vertical layout that is unique when viewing other growing systems.

Though you should note that there are also tons of differences between these devices. The Gardyn Growing System only has one major lineup that you can purchase.

There are 3 models but two of them are just the older variants. The features on the devices are mostly the same but the newer models get improvements.

Several new features are also added which is why getting the latest model is your best option.

This can cost you a lot more, but the features should be much better. The features of Rise Gardens and Gardyn are quite similar which makes them both great options to go for.

Both brands have used unique designs that make their devices stand out when placed in your house.

Considering this, people should note that selecting one out of the two models comes down to your personal preferences and choice.

You should go through both of them once and then select one that you think suits you better. The 30-pod capacity on Gardyn is more than enough for most users.

Although if you want to plant additional pods then Rise Gardens might be better for you.

Other than this the information provided above is more than enough to understand everything about the devices. If you still have any questions in mind, then contact the support team for these brands.

They should be able to answer all of your queries and provide you with some simple solutions that can be used.

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