Gardyn vs Tower Garden Growing System: Which One To Choose?

gardyn vs tower garden
gardyn vs tower garden

Companies have recently started working on smart gardening systems that can be installed indoors without any effort.

Once done, the only thing you need to do is power on the device and keep its water reservoir and food compartment filled up.

As long as this is done, the device should start growing plants inside it.

There are small pods that have to be installed which will continue growing and provide you with consistent harvests. This is a great way of planting varieties for people that do not know about gardening.

The great thing about the device is that it can be placed anywhere as long as there is an outlet nearby.

Additionally, depending on the model you have bought, the features can greatly vary. This is why you must select the device carefully as it should help you in avoiding issues.

Gardyn and Tower Garden are both known for their amazing growing systems.

If you are interested in purchasing a device from them then are some differences that you should be familiar with. This is why we will use this article to provide a comparison between the two devices.

Gardyn Growing System vs Tower Garden Growing System

Home Growing Systems Gardyn Growing System Tower Garden System
Maximum Number Of Pods One Size: 30 Seeds 20 to 84 Seeds
Application Support Enabled By Default No Application Support
Soil Requirement No Soil Required No Soil Required
Growing Technology Hydroponic System Aeroponic System
Lighting Mode Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Design Layout Vertical Design Vertical Design

Gardyn Growing System


Gardyn is one of the most popular home-growing systems that people can purchase. The device comes with tons of features that ensure people can have a comfortable time using it.

Though you should note that there are 3 models currently that you can select between.

Going through each of them can be essential as the features greatly vary. You should go for the Gardyn 3.0 Kit as this is the latest model that has come out.

Instead of giving different options to select from, Gardyn simply comes up with new lineups that can be bought.

These get new features on them as well as improvements over the existing services. Hence the best option is always going for the latest model as it has the best features.

The Gardyn Growing System uses a hydroponic system that uses water inside it to grow plants.

There is no requirement for soil, and this helps the device save about 80% water when comparing it with a standard garden.

People should note that this does bring some limitations when trying to plant different varieties. This is because some plants require a lot more spacing and soil to grow.

potting soil

Keeping this in mind, there are still tons of varieties that can be grown on the Gardyn Growing system.

This is because the device uses a vertical design instead of the standard horizontal design. This means that people can grow a lot more plants without having to worry about them taking up space.

This also allows people to grow varieties that require a lot of height. Though, people should note that there are also some bad things about this vertical design.

The device cannot fit on tables or desks because of its unusual height which is why placing it on the floor is your only option.

Aside from this, when it comes to the lighting on Gardyn growing systems, these are full spectrum.

This means that the lights will replicate sunlight by changing colors and brightness levels. This can be great as you no longer have to worry about keeping your plants near windows.

People should understand that growing systems like Gardyn are manufactured for indoor use.

This is why there are tons of features including the style of this device that make it look better when placed inside your house. The equipment also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities that can be useful.

These allow people to connect their growing system with their mobile phone through the internet connection. Once done, the device will then send notifications to the application directly.

This can be great as you get notified anytime the water or food levels start dropping.

Tower Garden Growing System

tower garden

Tower Garden is another famous type of growing system that has been getting quite popular recently.

When comparing the device with Gardyn growing systems, people notice that there are several similarities. In some cases, users might even get confused between the systems.

The first thing that people notice is the design of both these devices. These are built using a unique vertical design that makes them look similar.

Though, you should note that a major difference between these two devices is the system used to grow plants.

Instead of having a hydroponic system, Tower Garden is equipped with an aeroponic growing system instead.

This uses air instead of water and soil to grow different varieties. The system suspends plants in the air while the roots are irrigated through a nutrient-dense mist.

This allows the system to make the roots strong and healthy so that the plants can last you a long time without any issues.

In most cases, aeroponic systems can be better if you are trying to grow varieties that will last you a long time.

On the other hand, hydroponic systems are designed for varieties that can provide you with quick harvests.

The Tower Garden Growing System also focuses on outdoor use as there is no spectrum lighting on the standard model, but you can purchase these separately if required.

Overall, both devices are amazing and can provide you with tons of benefits.

However, another downside of using the Tower Garden is that it requires knowledge of how to keep plants maintained. If you are a beginner, then the Gardyn growing system will be the better option.

People going through the information provided above should be able to decide which device will be better for them.

The choice mostly depends on your personal preferences and choices so make sure to keep that in mind.

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