3 Solutions For Problems with Blue Lake Pole Beans

problems with blue lake pole beans
problems with blue lake pole beans

Blue Lake Pole beans are famous for their rapid growth. Most gardeners opt for it because of its ability to grow in a small space. Despite its high growth rate, Blue Lake Pole beans face some common problems.

Most of them are naturally occurring. It is advised to take quick action as soon as the problem is diagnosed otherwise there is a high probability of these plants being damaged. If you are also facing any problems with Blue Lake Pole beans then do not worry. We have prepared a detailed troubleshooting guide for you. We would suggest going through all the details mentioned below.

Common Problems with Blue Lake Pole Beans

Many problems occur in Blue Lake Pole beans, but the most common ones are:

1. Leaves Turning Yellow

Leaves turning into Yellow color is one of the most common issues in Blue Lake Pole beans. It occurs mostly in the winter season. There can be many reasons behind this problem. Some of the most prominent ones are:

  • The Soil In Which These Beans Are Planted

If soil is the culprit behind this problem then an examination of the soil should be done immediately. In most cases, bacteria are the roots cause of this problem, which is mostly transmitted by insects. In most cases, aphids cause this issue. Other than yellow leaves, holes in the beans are also observed.

  • The Temperature of The Surroundings

Another reason that results in Yellow leaves can be the temperature of the surroundings. According to statistics, Blue Lake Pole beans diseases tend to increase in the winter. It is because this plant prefers to grow in high temperatures.

  • Deficiency of Sunlight

It is advised by most of the Blue Lake Pole beans experts that proper sunlight should be provided to this plant. This will keep the bacteria away.

Despite all these behind yellow leaves, some solutions can avoid this problem. If it is bacteria, that is causing this problem then you should spray bacteria disinfectant on the plant. On the other hand, if lack of sunlight or surrounding temperature is causing the problem then you should locate the Blue Lake Pole bean in a place where sunlight turns out to be there most of the time. Regular watering is also necessary to keep the plant hydrated.

2. Death of Green Leaves

If your plant’s green leaves are drying up then it can be a big headache for you. It can be due to many reasons some of them might be:

  • Huge amount of heat,
  • Lack of watering
  • Diseases of Blue Lake Pole beans
  • Presence of bugs
  • Overeat of nutrition

To cure this problem, you will need to identify the reason behind it first. If you are successful in the identification of the reason then you will have to cure it accordingly. If insects are causing the problem then just by applying the disinfectant, the problem will vanish. On the other hand, if excessive heat is the reason behind this problem then you should change the location of the plant. Place it in a place where the temperature is not that high and regular water the plant.

3.  Shriveling of leaves

Curling of leaves also occurs in Blue Lake Pole beans. This can be due to two reasons:

  1. Water flies have transmitted the virus. “Cucurbit leaf crumple virus” can be the reason behind it.
  2. Too much use of Herbicide.

If herbicide is the reason then it is advised to use it less frequently. Another solution that can solve this issue is to change the brand of the herbicide you are using. Similarly, Aluminum foil can also solve this problem. You will just have to surround the infected area with it so that rest of the plant does not get affected. In most cases, these solutions are not so effective and the plant dies. The reason behind that is that it is not easy to control this virus.


It can be summarized that problems with Blue Lake Pole beans mostly occur due to viruses, insects, or temperature conditions. To prevent your plant from facing these issues, you should apply all cures mentioned above on regular basis.

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