Ortho Kill The Grass But Not The Flowers: 3 Reasons

Ortho Kill The Grass But Not The Flowers
Ortho Kill The Grass But Not The Flowers

Ortho is a famous brand that has come up with tons of products that can be used when gardening. You should note that the company is also known for its insect killers that can be used to remove infestations. If you are interested in getting a product from Ortho, then visiting their official website is the best option. This can allow you to check out all of their products as well as go through their details. The process better helps people in deciding which products will suit them best.

Ortho Kill The Grass But Not The Flowers

With that being said, another thing that should be noted is that there are also some problems that you can run into when using products from this brand. Users have recently been reporting that Ortho kills the grass but not the flowers. If you have found yourself running into a similar problem, then going through this article should put you at ease. This is because we will be providing you with several reasons behind the issue as well as ways that can be used to deal with them.

  1. Product That You Are Using

When using Ortho in your garden, people might notice that the product kills some types of plants whereas others are safe from it. This can confuse most users, but you need to understand that Ortho offers different types of products. Depending on which one you are using the results can greatly vary.

The most popular product from Ortho is their insect killer which is mostly used indoors. Aside from this, the company also has a weed killer that can be used in your gardens. This is mostly used to remove weeds of different species. The great thing about the chemical is that it can kill over 200 varieties of weed but any other plant in your garden will be safe from it.

Similarly, Ortho also offers some garden grass killers that can be used to remove wild grass from your gardens. Some people wonder if these will kill the flowers in their garden as well but the answer for it can vary depending on your product. This is why it is essential that you carefully go through the details of the chemical before using it in your garden.

  1. Using Weed and Grass Killers Near Flowers

In most cases, the brand Ortho recommends that people use their weed and grass killers away from flowers. You should note that these products are usually safe to use around other plants but there is still a small chance that these might cause issues. People need to understand that the chemicals inside these products can be quite dangerous for both flowers as well as any animals that might come near them.

This is why the brand suggests that you avoid using them near your flowers. Sometimes, the flies and bees roaming around in your garden, trying to collect nectar might come in contact with the chemicals. This can cause them to die, preventing your plants from pollinating and blooming. This is why you should avoid using chemicals around flowers unless necessary.

  1. Using Ortho Near Edible Flowers and Plants

As mentioned above, people should keep several factors in mind before they use chemicals like Ortho. If you notice that weeds and wild grass are growing around your plants, then consider what type of plant it is. Doing so can help users in avoiding tons of problems later on as there are tons of flowers and plants that are edible.

If you spray the chemical around plants like these then there is a high chance that it will come in contact with the edible parts. If you proceed to consume these then there are tons of problems that you can run into. This is why you should avoid using chemicals around any area where there might be edible plants or flowers growing.

This should help people in keeping their flowers healthy as well as ensure that they don’t accidentally consume dangerous chemicals. As for the weeds and wild grass, these can be removed manually in some spots. Just make sure that you use the chemicals properly in other parts of your garden as this should help in removing the weeds.

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