My Weigela Looks Dead: 4 Possible Reasons

my weigela looks dead
my weigela looks dead

The tubular-shaped flowers, which run in the form of shrubs covered with the sheer number of flowers, add a romantic and majestic touch to their surroundings. Being an ornamental plant, this requires very low maintenance, which only includes pruning and watering them occasionally.

Whenever Weigela is placed outside, it becomes the center of attention for the hummingbirds and butterflies, which complement the beauty of the place around which these flowers are placed. Furthermore, this adds structure and depth with the sheer color and size variation.

There might be certain circumstances where the leaves might turn brown, fall off pre-maturely or various other symptoms might appear which suggest that it is suffering from a disease. Here are a few things that you need to take care of:

Possible Reasons Why My Weigela Looks Dead

1. Weather & Watering

Although this is a very tough plant and can survive below zero temperatures sometimes, one may ask the question “why my Weigela looks dead” since all the leaves have turned grey or fallen off. This suggests that the plant might be suffering from weather conditions.

The possible reasons for this issue might be related to the waterlogged soil, which has choked the roots of the flower and is causing difficulty in maintaining its usual glamour, which the Weigela is famous for. Immediately remove any standing water from the soil and try to create a barrier and spillway in case the water does penetrate the walls.

At the same time, if it is not getting the right amount of moisture from watering, it will lead to the leaves turning brown and eventually falling off. The best practice is to feel the soil’s moisture with your fingers and then take further action.

2. Pruning the Weigela

The most probable issue that might arise when it comes to this flower has already been mentioned. The remedy however is very simple. You have to prune the shrub and cut out all the dead parts so that it may give space for the new ones to come out.

In addition, this pruning would remove the dead parts and thus reduce the overall burden on its stem. However, this would be a tall order to serve, as it might not look that aesthetic after the pruning. It may even ruin the overall look of the garden but stay assured that the branches and leaves would pop out in the coming summer.

Another thing that must be kept in mind is the time at which one needs to prune these shrubs. It is because cutting them too early would waste the beautiful flowers from even blooming out. On the other hand, cutting them too late would risk affecting the health of the plant. The ideal time to cut it into shape is when it loses its flowers.

3. Twig Blight

It is one of the main reasons, which may cause you to say, “My Weigela looks dead”. The overall fungal disease will turn the tips of the branches to turn brown. These branches are the start and may even kill the precious Weigela shrub in itself. However, this does not affect those shrubs, which are five years old.

You can control the twig blight by spraying a copper of lime sulfur fungicide on the plant when the symptoms appear. It is advised not to wet the leaves while watering the shrub because the infection is more likely to grow from that. The last resort is to cut the infected parts off to make room for fresh branches to bloom.

4. Mealybug Infestation

Mealybugs are small pests that appear to be cotton mass covering the stems of the plants. These pests gather around the stem and feed on the plant sap thus inhibiting its growth. The initial symptoms are brown leaves but if the shrub is exposed for extended periods, then it will become stunted. Spraying the plant with Neem oil two to three times at intervals of ten days is likely to improve the condition.

Although it is a very beautiful plant, it is one to get infected with diseases and pest attacks. If timely actions are taken, then it is more likely to give the best results otherwise the probability of the shrub dying will be high.

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