5 Reasons For Kalanchoe Leaves Turning Yellow

kalanchoe leaves turning yellow
kalanchoe leaves turning yellow

If you are a plants enthusiast then it is quite possible you would have kept Kalanchoe in your collection. Kalanchoe is famous for its striking red and orange colored flowers. Most people keep it indoors for decoration purposes.

It is quite common for the leaves of Kalanchoe to change their color to yellow. It occurs because of negligence in the maintenance of this plant. If you are also facing this issue and looking for an answer to “why are my Kalanchoe leaves turning yellow?”, then we are here to help.

Reasons For Kalanchoe Leaves Turning Yellow

The yellow color of Kalanchoe leaves can result due to many factors. The most prominent ones are listed below. After going through all the below-mentioned details, you will get an idea of the root cause in your case.

  1. Exposure to Sunlight

In both extremes of exposure to sunlight, the leaves tend to turn yellow. If you expose your Kalanchoe to excessive direct sunlight, then it is quite likely for your plant’s leaves to turn yellow and die. On the other hand, in case of no light, the leaves will change their color to yellow. Moreover, they can also become dry.

To solve this problem, many experts advise creating artificial light for your plant. This will provide it with the necessary amount of light and heat. In case you cannot do this then you should place your plant at such a place where sunlight should be present but it should not be directly pointing towards your Kalanchoe.

  1. Excessive Watering

In the case of Kalanchoe, water quantity should be given a lot of consideration.  It is because overwatering can result in the loss of green leaves. Many experts have warned that in case of overwatering probability of color change is quite high. Moreover, it can also cause root rot. Collectively all of these reasons will change the color of the leaves.

Experts have advised avoiding excessive amounts of watering, but if your leaves have already turned yellow then you should follow the following steps:

  • Remove yellow leaves from the plant,
  • Take out the plant from its pot and manually cut all rot roots. After removing, plant them in another pot because there is a high chance of bacteria in old soil.

This will most probably solve your problem if the cause behind the color change was an excessive amount of watering.

  1. Dry Air

The most common reason for Kalanchoe leaves to change their color is hot weather. Due to the hot weather, the air becomes dry which in return makes the soil dry. Therefore, the plant starts turning yellow after some time when it completely dries out.

However, we need a solution to this problem, and those solutions are

  • Spraying your plant with warm clean water
  • Place the pot of the plant in an area that is not dry
  • Or put some water pots around the plant
  • Constantly water them
  1. Exposure to Pests

The pests are the uninvited guests and can be seen with naked eyes on the underneath side of the Kalanchoe leaves. These pests are the reason behind the yellow color of Kalanchoe Leaves. Therefore, all you need to do is to treat the pests with pesticides as soon as possible. Moreover, keep repeating this process for some days, so that the plant gets healthy.

  1. Small Pots

The fifth case of the Kalanchoe leaves turning yellow is the small pot where it is planted. It is because in very small pots the rhizomes of the plant cannot develop. Therefore, to resolve this problem all you need to do is to change the pot. Plant the Kalanchoe again in a spacious pot. Then this problem will be resolved.


Kalanchoe plants are very beautiful and have small roots, which makes them very delicate. They need proper attention or else these plants die very easily. Therefore, water should be given to the plant on time. The existence of pests should be avoided near the plant by the use of pesticides. The environment, where the plant is kept, should be checked; if it is dry, precautions should be taken as soon as possible. By doing all this, the plant will stay healthy, and leave it will not turn yellow.

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