Why Are My Strawberry Leaves Turning Brown? (Answered)

Why Are My Strawberry Leaves Turning Brown
Why Are My Strawberry Leaves Turning Brown

Strawberries are one of the most loved fruits that are not only delicious but also quite easy to grow. The berries contain tons of nutrients and vitamins that are good for your health, and these can also be planted and grown in your gardens. The sweet and juicy fruits have tons of varieties that people can select from and each of them has unique tastes. Keep in mind that the maintenance steps for the plant might be easy but some additional steps should be taken care of when harvesting.

These help in ensuring that the fruits you take off from the plants are all ripe and juicy. With that being said, some users report running into problems with their fruit plants. When it comes to this, a common question that is often asked is “Why are my strawberry leaves turning brown?”. If you are getting the same problem in your garden, then going through this article should help you in finding some reasons behind it. We will also provide you with solutions that can be used to fix the problems.

Why Are My Strawberry Leaves Turning Brown?

  1. Improper Watering On The Plant

Several reasons can cause the leaves on plants to get a brown shade on them but when talking about strawberries, improper watering is among the top reasons. This is because the fruits are mostly harvested during the summers as the warm temperatures in this season help the plant in staying healthy. While this can be amazing, the main problem people have is that the leaves start turning brown because of high heat.

The only way to counter this is by watering your plant so that it can keep itself cool from the high temperatures surrounding it. Strawberries are also plants that can tolerate a high amount of water without any issues which is why people should not have to worry about overwatering the plants. Just make sure that you only use enough water that will keep the plant cooled down from the high heat instead of trying to change its location.

This is because the fruits also require sunlight to grow fruits and planting them in a location where there is not enough light can prevent strawberries from growing. Keeping this in mind, testing around a little should help people in finding the optimal amount of water required by the plants. The color on the leaves can take a few days to get back to green which is why waiting patiently is the best option.

  1. Nitrogen Deficiency In Strawberries

Even though people are watering their plants properly, they might notice that the leaves are still turning brown. If this happens, then there is a high chance that the problem can be from a deficiency of nitrogen in the plant. People should note that this is a nutrient naturally contained in the soil you are keeping your fruits in.

If there is a lack of this mineral in the soil, then people have to add this manually as the soil naturally lacks it. Keeping this in mind, the best way to do this is by using fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen. There are tons of products that you can go with, but people should do some research before deciding which fertilizers to use.

This can help in ensuring that the product you use can last you a long time while ensuring that the strawberry plants in your garden are kept healthy. The fertilizers should also be added every 4 weeks so that their effects can stay present in the soil.

  1. Plant Catching Diseases

Finally, one more reason for the leaves on your strawberry plant to turn brown can be that they have caught a dangerous disease. This usually happens when you have pests roaming around your garden that attacks the fruit. Keep in mind that strawberries usually have a sweet scent on them that attract insects to the plant.

If you are getting this problem, then it means that the fruits have been infected by pests that have to be removed using chemicals. There are tons of pesticides that can be used to deal with the issue, but another method people can go with includes using companion plants. These can be planted along your strawberries to repel the dangerous pests and ensure that they are kept away from your strawberries.

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