Moistenland vs AeroGarden: Which One To Choose?

moistenland vs aerogarden
moistenland vs aerogarden

Growing systems are small devices that can grow plants without requiring any knowledge about them. This can be great as it allows beginners to get consistent harvests without any issues.

If you are someone thinking about purchasing a device like this, then several things should be kept in mind.

The brand that you decide to get the device from plays a huge role in how it will work out for you.

This is why it is best that you go through the company carefully. Both Moistenland and AeroGarden are popular choices that users can go for. The devices come with tons of features equipped.

Additionally, the company ensures that the growing systems will last you a long time if taken proper care of.

Talking about this, if you are interested in purchasing these devices then going through this article should help you out. This is because most users feel confused trying to select a model.

The similarities between the devices can make it difficult for people to decide which model will suit their usage better.

People who are running into the same problem should note that going through this article should help them in deciding which device will last them a long time.

Moistenland vs AeroGarden

Home Growing System Moistenland Growing System AeroGarden Growing System
Maximum Number of Pods 10 to 12 Pods Supported 6 to 24 Pods Supported
Lighting System Full Spectrum Lighting Full Spectrum Lighting
Water Level Alerts Enabled On All Models Enabled On Some Models
Mobile Application Android and iOS Support Works On Limited Models
Wi-Fi Connectivity Enabled By Default Enabled For Some Models

Moistenland Growing System


Moistenland is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best home-growing systems for its users.

The devices have gotten quite popular, but you should note that there are only two models that people can choose from. Depending on which one you get, there are some differences.

While the features of these devices remain the same, the major thing that you need to look out for is the number of pods supported by them.

When it comes to this, the capacity varies between 10 to 12 pods. Aside from this, the lighting on the devices also varies depending on the model being used.

The 10-pod model has a wattage of 10 watts whereas the 12-pod version uses up to 23 watts. When comparing these models, people can see that the 12-pod version should be their top choice.

This might consume more electricity, but it ensures that your plants will keep on growing without any issues.

The display on the devices is quite unique as it uses a push button technology. This allows people to activate the display by simply pushing its button.

You can then check the levels of water inside the reservoir as well as the food inside the compartment of your device.

This can be great as people can easily keep a check on how much food and water their device is using. Keeping these filled up is important as this helps in avoiding tons of issues.

So, make sure that you utilize the feature properly to keep your varieties growing healthy.

Talking about this, the Moistenland growing system also comes with support for Wi-Fi connectivity. The great thing about this is that people can connect their growing systems with their mobile phones.

wifi device

Once done, you can then create an account and set it up using your information.

The application then allows people to keep a check on the growing system no matter where they are. This can be amazing as you can even control the lights and switch them off if required.

There is also a feature on the growing system which causes the lights to switch off after 16 hours.

The main reason this is beneficial is that it helps in saving a lot of power. Additionally, the lights switching off on their own ensures that the plants get some rest. This further helps the varieties in staying healthy for a longer period of time.

AeroGarden Growing System

aerogarden growing system

AeroGarden is another famous brand that has been manufacturing some of the best growing systems that you can purchase. The great thing about this brand is that it offers tons of lineups that you can choose from.

These can be confusing for people at first which is why some things should be noted.

Going through the different models one by one is important. This helps people in understanding how the devices are different from each other.

The features on the models also greatly vary, thus people should check out the official website for AeroGarden.

This should have all of the devices listed and you can go through all of them. If you notice that any device looks good, then click on it to view its additional specifications.

This is a great and easy way of narrowing down the list of choices available.

As for the pod capacity this ranges from 6 pods to 24 pods at a time. People who have seen other growing systems might think that this capacity is quite low.

However, you should note that the spacing on AeroGarden is better when comparing it with other devices on the market.

This allows the plants to stay healthy as well as gives people the option to select from a wide variety of seeds that can be used.

You can even grow your own seeds as long as you understand how these can be installed inside the pod. AeroGarden provides a small kit to help out people with this step.

The lighting on the device is similar to the Moistenland growing system but there are also some models that have better lighting. The only downside with them is that they cost a lot.

Keeping this in mind, people should be able to understand how both of these brands are different from each other.

If you still have any questions in mind, then try contacting the support team for these brands. They should be able to answer all of your queries as well as provide you with a recommendation.

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