3 Reasons Behind Mint Plant Drooping

mint plant drooping
mint plant drooping

Growing plants in your garden can allow people to make it attractive while also getting some benefits. When it comes to this, users should carefully go through the list of plants available to purchase. The process helps them in narrowing down the list of options available. If you are having trouble with it, then considering what your requirements are can be useful. If you are looking for plants that have medicinal properties on them while also having a unique fragrance, then mints are the best option.

These can be used to make herbal teas that keep people healthy and also help in preventing health issues. While mints are amazing to use, there are also some issues that you can get with them. Recently, people have been reporting that the mint plant they have has started drooping. If you are getting the same problem, then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with a list of reasons for the issue along with ways that can be used to fix them.

Why Is My Mint Plant Drooping?

  1. Dehydration From Dry Soil

When growing mint plants, people should keep in mind that these require you to keep the soil around them moist. In some areas where there are about 1 to 2 inches of rain every week, the process is not required. Though, if you live someplace where there is hardly any rain then you have to water the herbs on your own. Several things should be kept in mind here including the amount of water being used. This plays a huge role in how the mints will grow out and how healthy they will be.

If you have the plant in a warmer environment, then the soil will dry out quickly. Hence, people will have to water the plant several times a day to keep the soil moist. The wet soil is quite soft which is why the mints can easily absorb the nutrients required. The main problem that you can run into here is watering the herbs too much.

The excess liquid starts collecting around the roots which will eventually suffocate them. While some variants can survive getting drowned, you should note that even these will start dropping if you leave them like that for a few days. Keeping the information in mind, you should make small passages inside the soil.

This allows the excess liquid to escape through the small tunnels, leaving the soil around your herbs moist. Having a drainage system also ensures that your plants will stay healthy even if there is heavy rainfall or if you forget to check the amount of water being used on them.

  1. Not Enough Sunlight

Mints are flowering plants that grow best when placed under direct sunlight. These require about 6 to 8 hours of light every day. Talking about this, if you have your plants placed in a spot where they are not getting enough sunlight then that might be causing them to start drooping.

The best solution is that you change the position of your mints and keep them someplace where they can get the light required. If this is not possible then you can move your plants from the ground into pots. This can be amazing as people can constantly change the position of their plants depending on the weather conditions around them. If you are still having trouble, then move on to the next step instead.

  1. Lack Of Fertilizers

Finally, one more reason why your mint plant might be drooping can be that it is not receiving enough nutrients. If you are not able to follow the steps mentioned above for some reason, then one last thing that can be done is using fertilizers. This is a great way of ensuring that your plant receives the proper minerals that are required to keep it healthy.

The only thing that you have to do is purchase a pack of fertilizers from a reliable brand and then spread it around the soil every month. Keeping this up will ensure that the mints don’t droop and keep on blossoming. The better the fertilizers are, the healthier your herbs will be and the longer their effects will last.

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