5 Quick Steps To Resolve Massey Ferguson Brakes Not Working

massey ferguson brakes not working
massey ferguson brakes not working

A tractor is a farming vehicle used chiefly on farms to mechanize farming-related tasks. Millions of farmers rely on tractors to perform a wide range of tasks, be it planting or tilling.

Its engine is capable of delivering high tractive effort while running at slow speeds, making it a perfect choice for farming. In addition to performing agriculture-related tasks, tractors are also used for landscaping.

With that out of the way, it’s no secret that the tractor market is very saturated. With brands emerging every day and hundreds of them already established, the market has never been more competitive.

In this high competition, only a few companies have managed to retain their spots. Massey Ferguson is one of them.

Massey Ferguson is a leading company that provides agricultural machinery. The company came into being in 1853 and has come a long way since then. Today, it operates in many countries and enjoys a huge market share.

massey ferguson company

Its solutions are used all over the world and loved for their performance output and durability.

If you have used a tractor, you’d know that the brake problem is quite common. Almost all tractors show brake problems, and Massey Ferguson tractors are no exception.

It goes without saying that brakes are an important safety system in every vehicle. Tractors usually operate at slow speeds, but brakes hold paramount importance, nevertheless.

This roundup offers a look at some of the reasons why the brakes of your Massey Ferguson tractors may not work sometimes. We’ll also share a few viable solutions to fix brake problems. Let’s get started without any further ado!

Massey Ferguson Brakes Not Working

Are the brakes of your Massey Ferguson tractor not working? Here are a few things to check.

  1. The Issue with the Brake Discs

The Issue with the Brake Discs

A brake disc is a disc made of iron attached to your tractor’s suspension. It is important for the proper working of the brake system of your Massey Ferguson tractors. If it has worn out, your brakes will not have enough power to stop the vehicle.

You will need to check your brake discs for any signs of wear. If they are thin, consider replacing them. Vibration is another common symptom often associated with failing brake discs.

Furthermore, if the discs make a noise when you engage the brake, it means that your brake discs have worn out. If you notice any of these symptoms, consider visiting a mechanic.

  1. Brake Adjustment

Any expert will tell you that brakes need to be adjusted for optimal performance. So, if you have not adjusted your brakes, simply adjusting them will fix the problem. If you don’t know the brake adjustment process, consider reading the operator manual.

  1. Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

If the brakes of your Massey Ferguson tractor are not working, you’ll want to begin by checking the brake fluid level. When you press the brake pedal, the brake fluid transmits the force to stop your tractor.

The brake fluid is vital to your tractor’s brake system, and you won’t be able to stop your tractor without it. In addition to that, the brake fluid also protects the metal parts of the braking system of your Massey Ferguson tractor, such as calipers.

To check the brake fluid level in your Massey Ferguson tractor, you will have to locate its reservoir first. If you do not know where the reservoir is located, it would be a good idea to consult your tractor’s operator manual.

Once you have located it, check it and make sure that the brake fluid is up to the recommended level.

Most Massey Ferguson tractors have maximum and minimum marks on the reservoir to indicate the maximum and minimum amount of brake fluid. Ideally, the brake fluid level should be between these marks.

If it is lower than the mark, consider refilling it. Go to your nearby hardware store, and you will likely find it there.

It is pertinent to mention that brake fluid comes in different types. So, consider referring to the operator manual of your Massey Ferguson tractor to know the recommended fluid type.

If your Massey Ferguson tractor has sufficient brake fluid, make sure it is fit to use. You might be surprised to learn that brake fluids can expire. These fluids absorb moisture and degrade over time.

Furthermore, the older the brake fluid of your tractor gets, the more contamination it will have. Over time, it will reduce the boiling point of the fluid, which will ultimately result in reduced brake pressure.

older brake fluid

The boiling point is crucial to your brake fluid. The higher the boiling point is, the more efficient your brakes will be. Brake fluid with a high boiling point will remain incompressible and perform better against high temperatures.

Brake fluids are engineered to have high boiling points, but they can reduce as your brake fluid ages. This is why most companies recommend changing the brake fluid every two years.

Moreover, examine the brake fluid reservoir for leaks. Of course, if there is some leakage point in the reservoir, the fluid will deplete a lot faster. So, inspect the entire area around the reservoir and see if there is any fluid there.

The color of your brake fluid can help you determine whether it is suitable to use or not. Ideally, it should be clear with a yellowish tint. If so, you don’t need to replace it just yet. On the contrary, if it appears dark and green, it’s probably time to replace it.

  1. Getting it Checked

Getting it Checked

Brakes appear quite simple on the surface; you press the pedal, and it stops your tractor. However, it turns out that your tractor’s brake system is pretty sophisticated. There are many components that work together to run this system.

So, if the brakes of your Massey Ferguson are not engaging, you will need to inspect all the components to find out the culprit. Of course, checking every single component will be a time-consuming process.

So, it is advised to get your Massey Ferguson tractor checked by a mechanic. They will carry out a thorough inspection and diagnose the problem.

  1. Buying New Brakes

Buying New Brakes

If nothing seems to work, buying a new set of brakes is your last resort. They are readily available across the globe. Just visit your nearby store and get new brakes.

The Bottom Line

Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their powerful performance and fuel efficiency. However, many users have reported that their brakes stop working sometimes.

It can happen for a number of reasons, which we have mentioned in this guide. Sometimes, your problem could be as simple as insufficient brake fluid. Consider getting your tractor regularly serviced to avoid brake problems.

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