Why Are Lucky Bamboo Roots Orange?

lucky bamboo roots are orange
lucky bamboo roots are orange

One of the most famous plants that people like to grow indoor is called Lucky Bamboo. Most people use this as a gateway plant when trying to get into gardening as a hobby. Not only does it make your house more beautiful, but it also makes people get used to all the different caring tips for the plant.

It is common for beginners to get scared when they notice some irregularities in the shape or color of the plant. You will often see people worried about orange roots on a lucky bamboo. So, let’s cover this topic briefly to ease your tension.

Lucky Bamboo Roots Are Orange 

When you first add the plant to the container, the roots are actually white with a faint shade of orange. However, as the plant matures, the roots start turning brown. At this stage, many people get scared about why the plant might be behaving like this. They look towards the use of chemicals to try and get rid of the color. Usually, these beginners believe that the roots of their lucky bamboo are rotting, and they end up discarding the plant entirely.

In actuality, this plant has naturally orange roots that develop when the plant matures. So, if you notice orange roots on the bottom of your bamboo, you don’t have to worry about the plant dying. There is no root rot affecting your plant, and it is in perfect condition. You just have to keep following the care tips and encourage plant growth over an extended period of time. That way, you won’t have to worry about the plant dying once you get to the new color of the roots.

However, if you notice a shade of black or your roots is turning to black color entirely, it is cause for concern. Black roots mean that your plant roots are rotting, and you need to take immediate action to get ahead of the problem. One of the most effective methods is cutting away the black parts of the roots with a sharp gardening tool. Afterward, change the container and use a sanitized container for your lucky bamboo.

If you’re lucky, new roots should start growing, and you will notice small white roots coming from the plant. These roots will also turn orange once they have matured. However, on the other side if the damage is quite substantial, then you might have to get rid of the plant entirely.

To Conclude

The orange roots on a bamboo plant do not indicate that it is suffering from root rot. As long as you’re not getting any black spots on the roots, then your plant will keep growing without further issues. All you have to do is take care of the plant requirements to keep it healthy.

However, if there are some black spots on the roots, that means the plant is suffering from some disease. In this scenario, you should look to experts for help and follow the methods they recommend for your plant’s survival. Saving your plant from root rot can be pretty tricky, but it shouldn’t be an issue over the long run with proper guidance.

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