Kale With Purple Stem- What To Know?

kale with purple stem
kale with purple stem

People often think about planting different types of flowers, vegetables, or fruits in their garden. The activity itself is quite enjoyable but you should note that there are also tons of benefits that you get when doing it. Plants can come in various species that have unique features on them. This includes having different types of fragrances, colors, and shapes. Other than this, the vegetables, and fruits that you plant can be used when making different dishes. Some of these are required as base ingredients while others are used just for their medicinal properties.

Talking this, kale is a famous type of vegetable that is often planted by people in their gardens. This comes with tons of unique characteristics that make it amazing, however, there are also some questions that people ask regarding it. Recently people have been reporting queries related to kale with a purple stem. If you are also wondering what these are then going through this article should help you in finding all the information required.

Kale With Purple Stem

Kale is an edible vegetable that is mostly grown for its medicinal properties. Though, you should note that the green leaves are also quite delicious, and they can be used in several recipes. One common thing that people forget is that there are different varieties of plants. Some of these are known worldwide while some are only found in specific regions.

Usually, the color of these leaves ranges depending on the type of kale you are planting. Most of these have shades of green but some variants have complete or slight purple shades on them. Talking about this, there are multiple varieties of kale that have purple leaves on them but when it comes to the stem being purple, a single specie falls under the description.

Red Russian kale comes with dark green fonds on them that have magenta-colored veins spreading all across them. This makes them look beautiful, but you should note that the stems on these plants are also colored. These usually have a deep purple shade that helps people in distinguishing the type from all the others. The main property of this vegetable is that it is sweet.

Additionally, the stems and leaves are a lot soft which makes them a great option when making sauces. The variety of kale was originally native to Russia, but it was then later on presented to other regions by Russian traders. With time, the vegetable started spreading all across the world and it is now enjoyed not only for its taste but its medicinal properties as well.

Benefits Of Kale With Purple Stem

Kale is already known for all the nutrients that it comes with. Though, the purple stemmed counterpart for it offers a wider range of vitamins and minerals. These help in keeping your blood pressure and sugar levels under control. Moreover, the leaves are also used as an ingredient to detox your body. The vegetable has tons of use cases which makes it amazing.

People should note that this type of kale prefers a colder environment as it grows best when planted in winters. Getting a touch of snow on your leaves helps in making them even sweeter. This can be great, but people have to also keep a check on the vegetable. Ensuring that your kale is kept healthy helps in growing leaves that will last you a long time.

The plant can grow up to 3 feet tall which is significantly larger when compared to standard kale. Considering this, people have to space the vegetables according to this. Furthermore, keeping the plant in a spot where it can get long hours of sunlight can be important as this helps in keeping it even healthier. When harvesting the leaves, there is a unique method that should be kept in mind.

This includes cutting the stems along with the leaves and starting from older ones. As long as you pluck out older leaves from your kale, newer ones can start growing instantly in place of them. However, if you cut newer leaves instead then your plant will take some time to grow new leaves in their place. Finally, if you are thinking about planting red Russian kale in your garden then one thing to look out for is the temperatures that you get in the summers. These can greatly affect the health of your vegetable so keep that in mind.

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