John Deere 8820 vs John Deere 9600: Which Is Better?

john deere 8820 vs 9600
john deere 8820 vs 9600

Agricultural work requires a lot of time and effort, so companies have started manufacturing vehicles that can make the job easier. Talking about this, John Deere is one of the top brands in America that is known for manufacturing agricultural vehicles.

This can be amazing, but you should also note that there are tons of lineups that you can select from.

Trying to select a single model out of all the options provided can be quite confusing. This is why it is best to ask for recommendations on which models will suit you better. The John Deere 8820 vs. John Deere 9600 debate is a popular one.

These are quite similar, so we will use this article to provide you with a head-to-head comparison between them, so you can decide which one suits your needs the best and is worth investing in.

We hope by the end of this article, you are adequately informed about the specifications, performance, maintenance, and usage of both models of John Deere so you can pick one for your farm business.

So without further delays, let’s have a quick overview of these John Deere models and then an analogy and contrast between the two.

The Differences between John Deere 8820 vs John Deere 9600

  John Deere 8820 John Deere 9600
Engine Hp Around 200 Around 700
Fuel Capacity 1000 gal. 3000. gal
Grain Tank Capacity 200-215 170-200
Model Older Newer
Threshing speed High Very High

JD 8820

The John Deere 8820 is one of the most popular models manufactured by the brand. You should note that there is a huge lineup that you can select from, which is why it is best that you first go through these vehicles.

Looking at the specifications of a Combine harvester can help you in deciding if it is for you or notjohn deere 8820.


The John Deere 8820 model is a robust and reliable John Deere combined with the high-performance capacity and up-to-date features that have built its reputation in the farming industry and are now one of the top combines in the industry.

One of the main features of any automobile; is its engine. John Deere 8820 has a high-powered engine with a horsepower of 225, which makes it even more suitable for heavier tasks, including harvesting crops over the big field and all other fieldwork.

In addition to this, the John Deere 8820 comes with 4 blades that are used for cleaning and harvesting.

These spin at a speed of 1100 rpm when set at high speed. The high-quality and durable threshing system allows you to work with almost any kind of crop, be that soya bean, corn, wheat, or other.

However, you can also dial the speed down and make the fan slower if required. You can alter the speed of your fan when cleaning can be amazing, as it helps in saving power and allows people to work with different crops.

Other than this, another thing that you should note is that the fuel capacity on the John Deere 8820 is around 100 gallons. John Deere’s this combine has exceptional fuel efficiency.

This 100 gallons of fuel should last an entire day of non-stop working. Considering this, you no longer have to worry about refueling your vehicle while at your crops.

Fuel Intake

The excellent fuel boasting feature of John Deere 8820 not only reduces your long-term fuel costs but will also supplement profitability.

Just like the fan speed can be controlled, the user can also alter the speed of their rotor when threshing.

Numerous other similar features make this Combine harvester one of the best options you can go with, among which one of the prominent ones is equipped with a huge grain tank.

The size of tank is big enough to hold more than 200 bushels, making it suitable enough for large-scale farm operations.  

Furthermore, with all these physical capabilities, high performance, and efficiency, the John Deere 820 model is also equipped with the latest GPS that enables you to navigate and do field mapping wherever you are and guides you precisely to reach your desired destination.

Together with all these potentialities, the automatic features within this combination make it even easier to use.

JD 9600

The John Deere 9600 is another famous combine harvester from the same brand. On top of this, you should note that this is from the same lineup as the vehicle mentioned above.

Considering this, when you look at the shape and design of these harvesters, you will notice that they look quite similar. When going into their specifications, most of the features implemented are the same.

john deere 9600

The only major difference is that John Deere has worked on improving the speeds for the fans used in these vehicles. 

Additionally, the engine, as well as the fuel tanks, have been upgraded for better performance. While these changes are small, when it comes to using the vehicle, you can notice the improvement easily.

Considering this, the better option for a Combine harvester will always be the John Deere 9600 model when selected out of these two as it has a better fuel capacity, more engine horsepower, and higher fan speed.

In addition, the John Deere 9600 also has automated functions that include the auto guidance feature enabling you to maintain a correct path for your course.

The various sensors in the automobile keep a check of the system’s performance and even send out alerts if suspects any problems making it an efficient combination to bring in for your fieldwork. 

Comparing John Deere 8820 And 9600 

The Engine 

The harvester’s combined engine is one of the most important features to consider while you watch out for comparing any two to pick one best for yourself.

Both these models of John Deere have efficient engines.

When you precisely compare both of them, the John Deere 9600 model, the more updated version, has an engine with a horsepower of more than 700 hp, which is significantly greater than the engine power of the 8820 model. 

Considering the huge difference between the engine capacities, their boasting power, and the field of your work, you can decide which one is the best pick for you.

The 9600 John Deere, with its efficient engine power, is capable of handling any work, especially the more demanding ones, with relative ease.

So if the engine power is your top priority, the 9600 model would be a better choice for you.

The Fuel Capacity 

Another important aspect one needs to consider before buying the harvester combine is its fuel capacity.

By understanding the fuel capacity and utilization, you can estimate the costs, losses, and profits you can extract shortly.

A bigger fuel tank with an engine that is efficient while consuming fuel is what everyone wants in the era of inflation.

The 8820 model had a fuel capacity of around 100 gallons; it’s also fuel efficient and allows you to work longer hours. This 9600 has a fuel tank capacity of around 300 gallons.

So once you have got the tank full, you can get stress free for the next couple of days for running out of fuel during the fieldwork.

Considering the fuel tank capacity, you can decide which one of both models suits you best.

For your recommendation, go for the 8820 model if you have smaller land and fewer crops to harvest—the less work required from the combine, the less fuel required. 

However, if you are looking for a larger scale operation John Deere, 9600 would better suit you considering your demands.

Grain Tank Capacity 

The grain tank capacity of the combines refers to the capacity of the combine tank to collect the bushels.

Both of these models have a relatively good capacity rounding about 200 bushels.

This feature shows an analogy between the two models of John Deere and lifts almost around the same quantity.

Our Pick 

Our pick of choice would be John Deere 9600, considering its high-powered engine, sufficient fuel, and grain capacity, together with the additional automated features, GPS, and comfortable interior with heating and cooling systems. 


However, you should note that several other factors can determine which vehicle is better.

These models have now gotten quite old, so the only way to purchase them is by finding a used combine harvester. When it comes to purchasing used vehicles, there are tons of things that you have to look out for.


Considering all the information given in the blog post, make sure that you go through the vehicles carefully and check them properly before thinking about getting them.

The condition of the combine harvester, as well as how much it has been repaired or tuned, plays a huge role in how it performs.

Other than this, some people might even be able to get the newer John Deere 9600 model at a lower price. If that is the case, then you should go for it, nonetheless, it is a better option.

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