How To Tell If Lawn Mower Engine Is Seized? Check For These 3 Areas

how to tell if lawn mower engine is seized
how to tell if lawn mower engine is seized

It can be quite stressful when you turn on your lawn mover to remove the unnecessary grass from your beautiful lawn and the lawn mower just does not respond. It does not turn on, or if it does turn on somehow, it produces some grinding noises. In such cases, it is confirmed that your lawn mower engine has been seized.

The engine is an important part of any lawn mower. It provides power to the lawn mower so that it can get the job done. Therefore, if the engine of your lawn mover is seized, then the lawn over will not work. There are ways you can tell if your engine has been seized or not. Our article will provide you with some techniques that will help you to figure out on “how to tell if lawn mower engine is seized?”

How To Tell If Lawn Mower Engine Is Seized

1. Engine Not Starting

If the engine of your lawn mower has been seized then your lawn  mower will not start. It is also possible that your lawn mower will start for about less than a minute and then shut off again. If you are not able to start the lawn mower completely then it means that the cord has been tightened, the blades of the machine are also stuck and the machine produces grinding noises. In such a case, the only solution to your problem is to unseize the engine.

2. Grinding Sound

If you somehow succeed in turning on the lawn mower. The engine will produce grinding noises. This is because the engine is doing its best to provide you with the little amount of energy that is left inside it. The parts of the engine will collide with each other to do the effort in producing the energy. This will cause the grinding sound. The engine immediately shuts down after the grinding sound. In such case, it is a clear indication that your engine needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

3. Bad Quality Of Fuel

If the engine of your lawn mower is seized then it will also make the quality of fuel go bad. This is because due to the seized engine, the crude oil present inside it has been clogged. This causes the chamber of the engine to clog, leading to improper combustion. The failure of combustion will also prevent the flow of the debris that needs to be removed in order to make the piston working. As a result, the stuck debris in the chamber will lead t failure of the piston.

The Bottom Line

It is quite simple to identify if the engine of your lawn mower has been seized or not. All you have to do is to follow the above mentioned methods and do the observations. If the engine is seized, then you can unseize the engine by yourself or call a professional help for this purpose. They will further help and guide you in the process.

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