How to Save A Broken Aloe Vera Plant?

how to save a broken aloe vera plant
how to save a broken aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera plants are pretty great in looks along with the health benefits that come with them. That would make Aloe Vera plants the right choice for you to have and you can enjoy having the perfect plants in your garden that are going to be great for other plants as well since they don’t require a lot of water and can survive with the least care as well.

Yet, if your Aloe vera plant is broken, you might want to save it. A few things that you need to know about saving a broken aloe vera plant would be:

How to Save A Broken Aloe Vera Plant?

Is It Possible?

Yet, it is entirely possible for you to save a broken aloe vera plant and you don’t have to do much about it either. A broken aloe vera plant can be saved in multiple ways so that is a plus you will be having.

You can either choose to have it on the same plant if it is not properly broken, or you can grow a new Aloe Vera plant with the broken part that you have. To know more about it, here are a few things that you must be aware of to make it happen if you have a broken Aloe Vera plant in your garden.

Supporting Tape

Plant supporting tape is available in most of the gardening stores around you and that is all you will be needing in case the piece of aloe vera is not torn of properly and is hanging loose. If you are seeing that the part is still connected through the skin at some end. You just have to put it back together like it was before and from there you will need to put the supporting tape around the plant firmly to hold the pieces together.

That will be helping the plant to have the right support and all the nutrients will be supplied to the broken part of the plant as well that will be helping the plant to grow properly and you will not have to face any such problems afterward.

Growing a New Plant

You can also grow a new plant from the broken piece and that is pretty simple as well. You will need to let the broken part of the Aloe Vera plant dry off in sun for a couple of days and once it is dried off, you will need to plant it in the soil a couple of inches with some part of it above the ground.

After a few days of regular watering, the plant will be forming new roots under the soil and that will be helping you out perfectly to grow the new aloe vera plant from the broken part. This is just the perfect way to grow and you are not going to need any special fertilizers or any other special care either for the aloe vera plant to grow. This way, you will have another Aloe Vera plant to fill up that empty space in the garden.

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