How To Revive An Aloe Vera Plant? (Answered)

how to revive an aloe vera plant
how to revive an aloe vera plant

Aloe vera plants might not require a lot of water, fertilizers, or extensive care, but these plants cannot do well without ample sunlight. So, you might be seeing a plant that has been in shade for too long, and now the leaves are too weak to stand up on their own again.

That is quite a common problem with the aloe vera plants that have to sicken up and you will need to take appropriate measures to make it happen for you. If you are looking to revive an aloe vera plant that seems so weak and you are stuck with it. Here are a few things that you will need to know about it.

How To Revive An Aloe Vera Plant?

Is it Possible?

The first question that you might be having about this is if it would be possible for you to revive an Aloe Vera plant. It is possible, and you will not need to worry about it much.

While the first thing that you will need to try is relocating the aloe vera plant to a place where it can get ample sunlight, but that is not going to work if the plant has weakened beyond revival and will not fix the aloe vera as well. For such instances, you will need to follow the revival process and grow another plant out of the leaves.

How to Achieve this?

First of all, you will need to dig out the weakened aloe vera plant and all the roots of it as well from the soil. This will help you to ensure that there is no residue in the soil that can cause you to have these problems later on. Once you get that done, you will need to freshen up the soil as well a bit and make sure that it is ready to plant a new aloe vera plant in it.

Moving forward, you will have to ensure that you are choosing the healthiest looking stem of the aloe vera plant that is dying and then let it dry under the sunlight for some time. This will ensure you have the perfect ready piece of the aloe vera that you will need to plant.

Now, you will need to dig a bit of soil and then put a few inches of the stem into the ground upright and then cover it with the soil. This will cause the plant to grow new roots and a new aloe vera plant will be growing out of these roots that you can relocate later if you want to or you can plant it at the same spot where your aloe vera plant was.

Just be careful about the sunlight as these plants require a lot of it and that will be the best thing to help you cover for the plant that was weak and you can have a fresh and healthy aloe vera plant in its stead. While this might seem like a lengthy process, it is the best you can do to revive an aloe vera plant.

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