How To Move Exmark Mower Not Running? (5 Solutions)

how to move exmark mower not running
how to move exmark mower not running

A mower is a vital piece of equipment used in farming to help cut through grass or any other plants. It is used to help mow the ground where you notice unequal patches of grass or plants growing.

The Exmark mower is a great option if you want to mow your garden. However, we have noticed a couple of individuals running into a particular problem while operating the mower. All these users had the same concern, which was “How to move Exmark mower not running?” If you have also found yourself with the same issue, then here is what you should know about it!

How To Move Exmark Mower Not Running?

  1. Drive Release In Incorrect Position

One of the most common reasons why you may be unable to move your mower is simply because of the drive release which might currently be in an incorrect position. As the drive release is responsible for allowing the mower to freely roll, you will have to make sure it’s directed to the operating position.

  1. Worn Out Drive Pump Belt

Having a worn-out pump drive belt could also lead to issues while trying to get your mower running. Over time, the drive belt can also fall off, or in more common cases, wear out.

To fix this, you will simply have to replace the belt. However, when you are in the midst of replacing the belt, make sure that you have properly secured the belt in its place.

  1. Issue With Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil is another important element that you will have to keep in check. It is likely that the reason why you are currently experiencing this issue is because of low hydraulic oil.

To make sure this does not happen, you will have to keep on changing your hydraulic oil on a regular basis. Also, do keep check of the hydraulic levels.

  1. Idler Arm Spring Could Be Missing

Another reason for the mower, not running could be due to the idler arm spring, which could either be broken or missing. If that is so, then the drive belt won’t get any tension.

The only fix to this is to get the whole idler arm spring replaced.

  1. Tensioner Pulley Problem

The final component that we recommend you check is the tensioner pulley. Chances are that your tensioner pulley could be failing. If that is the case, then you will have to simply get the component replaced.

The Bottom Line:

Wondering how to move Exmark mower will not move? To learn all about it, we highly suggest reading through the details that we have written in the article above! It contains all the different ways how you can get it moving and working again!

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