How to Make Suet for Birds in 3 Easy Steps

how to make suet for birds
how to make suet for birds

Birds can eat many things off the ground and gardens while they are at it and there are hardly any preferences if you don’t look closely. Especially if you are working at a farm or planting different sorts of trees, you will have a hard time keeping them from the birds who can eat those flowers of yours, have a go at the fruits, and whatnot.

Birds like woodpeckers can also damage your trees and that is not the optimal thing that you would want to have for your garden or the farm you are working with.

There are multiple distractions that you can get to them, but woodpecker, jays, and starlings particularly love the Suet. Suet is also favorite of kinglets, wrens, and cardinals and it would be highly effective for you to place the suet in your garden so that these birds are not damaging the plants, your fruit, or the stems for that part.

Suet has natural fats in it that are easily digested by these birds and that is why they love to get their hands on it. Suet is readily available at most of the stores so you will not have to do much in order to get your hands on it. However, there are also ways to prepare it at your place perfectly and that will be even better. So, here is how you can prepare the Suet for birds on your own.

3 Easy Steps for Learning How to Make Suet for Birds

1. Choosing the Recipe

First of all, you need to establish what type of Suet you would like to prepare. There are multiple recipes out there and you need to start somewhere in order to ensure that you can come up with the perfectly prepared suet that birds are going to love.

2. Pick the ingredients

There are multiple recipes, so there are multiple sorts of ingredients out there as well that you can choose from. This way, you can ensure that you are getting it done perfectly. One of the most popular of these recipes and the ingredients to prepare the Suet for birds at home that is easy enough as well would be:

To start with the Suet, you will need some vegetable shortening or the animal fat that you want to use. Different sorts of fats from beef, mutton, or pork can easily be used for the Suet and that will serve perfectly.

If you are using one cup of fat, you will need to get double the amounts such as 2 cups of cornmeal to go with it. 2 cups of quick oats as well. So, to make it easier to understand, you will need twice the amount of cornmeal and quick oats for the fact that you are intending to use.

Not only that but 1 and a half cups of flour would also be required to make it work for you. You just have to gather the ingredients before you can start the preparation process and then you have to follow the recipe.

3. Recipe

Preparing the suet is pretty easy and there are not many complexities that you will have to face while attempting that. All you will need to do is make sure that you follow the steps precisely.

So, you will need to melt the lard or fat in a saucepan on the stove. Once it is melted and you can feel it is liquid you will have to add the rest of the ingredients to it as well.

Once all the ingredients are added to the fat, you will need to keep stirring the ingredients together with a wooden spoon at constant heat so they can be mixed up properly. There are also some additional nuts or bird seeds that you can add to the mixture but that is totally optional.

Once they are mixed up properly, you will need to make sure that you are pouring them in a pan and then freeze the mixture to solidify it. After that, you can cut it into different sized pieces and Suet will be ready to be served to all the birds that you want to. Suet is that easy to prepare and if you follow the recipe just right, birds are going to love it.

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