How To Keep Weeds Out Of Bulb Beds?

how to keep weeds out of bulb beds
how to keep weeds out of bulb beds

Weeds are unwanted plants that need to be removed from your garden. This is because these plants can steal a large proportion of water and nutrients from the desirable plants. This means that these weeds damage the food, life, and health of other plants. Simply chopping them up from the bed is not the right solution as they will grow again and cause problems. Also, if weeds have long and deep roots then chopping them from the bed is not going to do anything as the roots will remain inside the soil. Our article will provide you with several ways that can help you to figure out how to keep weeds out of bulb beds.

How To Keep Weeds Out Of Bulb Beds

1. Pull Out Young Weeds

Do a regular check on your garden. If you see any weed growing out of the soil, pull the weed out of the soil. Weeds have small roots when they are young. This makes it easy to remove the weeds along with their roots and decreases the chances of the weeds growing again.

Pulling the weed out of the bed can be much easier if you pull them out after watering the soil or after rain. In other words, wet and soft soil plays a crucial role in pulling baby weeds out of the soil.

2. Use Weed Killers

Weedkiller is another method to get rid of weeds easily. However, you need to learn some tricks when using weed killers to make sure that they work effectively. This is because, if you spray the week killer in any desired plant, it will die, too.

It is highly recommended that you do not use weed killers on a windy day. This is because the wind will blow the weed killer which might land on the desired plant. Instead, use the weed killers on a sunny or dry day for effective and efficient results.

You can also use a roundup gel weed killer to get rid of undesirable plants. These gels are much easier to use. All you need to do is to target the weed, press the button on the weed killer, and the desired amount of the gel will come out without risking the life of nearby plants.

3. Mulching

Mulching is another solution to eliminate weeds from your bulb bed. This can be done by covering the surface of the soil with the help of cardboard, newspaper, or mulch. Weeds grow and flourish easily on open soil. They also spread easily when the soil is not covered. Mulching the soil not only prevents the weeds to stay away from your bulb bed, but also maintains the temperature, moisture, as well as pH of the soil.

The best way to make sure that mulching will eliminate and prevent the weed from going is to put down enough mulch. Put the mulch deep and form a thick layer of it on top of the soil. The depth of the mulch layer should be 4 to 5 inches.

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