7 Ways To Keep Raspberries From Spreading

how to keep raspberries from spreading
how to keep raspberries from spreading

Even if you have a bit of experience and have been gardening for a while, certain complications can leave you confused. Issues like raspberries growing all over the yard and insect infestation can completely destroy your yard in no time.

So, you should focus on learning some remedies for these situations.

Raspberries have the ability to spread fast and very easily. They are spread by the seeds that come from the berries themselves. So, it is not that rare to see gardeners worried about the sudden growth of berries around their yards. 

They also spread from root to root or by simply forming new roots for their growth. Due to this reason, the growth of raspberries needs to be controlled or it will take all the area destroying your other plants.

However, managing these berries can be challenging most of the time.

Therefore, we will provide you with the solution to the most asked question “how to keep raspberries from spreading?” We are here to provide you with a basic guide to control the raspberries from growing uncontrollably. Let’s find out.

How To Keep Raspberries From Spreading?

  1. Raspberry Seeds

The raspberry seeds are one of the means of spreading their population. When the raspberry seeds fall on the ground, it bursts.

This means that all the seeds inside the fruit also come out and get in contact with the soil on the spot.

If they are covered by any leaves, they get an environment suitable for their seeds to start the growth process. You cannot control the falling of the fruits. 


However, there are a few things that you can do to decrease the number of fruits that fall from the cane. It is recommended to water the plant efficiently and provide it with all the basic necessities it might need for its proper growth.

In this way, the plant will be strong enough to hold the fruits in place.

Also, clean your garden daily. This will remove the remaining fruits that fall on the ground. In this way, the raspberries will not be able to spread through seeds.

  1. Raspberry Canes

The raspberries also spread if their canes come in contact with the soil. To prevent this, it is recommended that you give support to the canes so that they do not bend. There are various methods you can try to support the canes.

However, stakes are the simplest and most used method for supporting raspberry canes. However, you will have to install a stake for each plant individually.


If you have many raspberry plants then we would prefer to use any fencing technique and connect them to the fence so that they do not fall.

  1. Raspberry Underground Expansion Of Roots

The plants also have the ability to expand roots under the ground and spread. To stop the plant from spreading through the roots, you can use a root barrier.

All you need to do is dig a trench along with the plant and install the root barrier. The root barrier can be made up of wood, metal, or rocks.

  1. Develop A Border

Now that you have a bit of perspective on the growth condition and the basic behavior of these berries, you can go about limiting the growth.

Yes, these berries will look great in your yard, but you will still need to limit them from spreading. So, be sure to develop a border. 

Developing a border is arguably the best method when it comes to limiting issues with the unit, and you will not have to worry about as many complications when there is a defined limit.

So, be sure to develop a border and you will be able to avoid a ton of hassle down the road. 

When developing a border, you should only focus on creating an environment that is completely damaging to bush growth. This means that you will have to remove a good patch from the sides and then use limestone to till into the area.


You will have to rely on a lot of limestone and water purifier salt to get to the desired pH value of 8.0. From there, you can also introduce some layers of fabric and rock. This will look pretty amazing and you will add a unique aesthetic to the yard.

So, be sure to spare some time and go about adding in the border. You will be more than happy with this layer, and won’t have to deal with more errors down the road.

It all comes down to how you’re willing to optimize the system, and these pointers will help. 

One last thing to keep in mind about this border is that you will also have to keep other plants clear of this parameter. Otherwise, you will just be holding yourself back, and the performance of this system will be suboptimal.

  1. Heavily Prune The Bushes

The next thing that you can do here is to heavily prune the bushes. It will take a bit more of your time, but it is the best method for owners that are not really sold on developing a boundary with limestone.

So, if you’re in the same boat, and need a bit of input, just prune the bushes.

You have to make sure that the extra branches are clear and that the only growth is limited to a smaller circle.

This will ensure that the seeds don’t get buried in the topsoil away from the bushes and the growth will be limited. 

Once you’ve made a weekly routine out of pruning the bushes, managing the raspberries is a simple task. So, be sure to keep track of these pointers and you will be sorted out after a bit of pruning.


From there, you can decide to either improve your pruning routine accordingly and that will keep the growth at bay.

This is especially true for owners with a smaller yard that can’t afford to develop a boundary line and give up all the extra space just for raspberries. 

  1. Try Mowing

Mowing is another great method that will help you get to the same outcome. If you’ve not been successful with the methods above or just don’t want to put in the effort, you can rely on mowing the surroundings every other day.

Sometimes, a weekly mowing routine will also serve you well and the growth from the new bushes will be mowed down. Yes, it is not the cleanest method, but you’re not left with many options at this point.

So, be sure to take some time out of your weekly routine to mow down the growth. 

We’ll always suggest that you try sparing some time for the boundary method as that is the most viable technique. You will not have to spare as much time or resources for this method, and managing the unit will be fairly simple. 

So, be sure to keep track of all of these pointers, and go about mowing the system accordingly. Hopefully, you will be able to fit this added routine into your schedule, and managing the raspberries will become easier for you. 

  1. Hire A Local Expert 

Lasty, you can just reach out to local experts and contractors about this project. If you don’t want to spend hours of your time trying to manage all of these pointers, then going to an expert is not a bad idea.

expert help

All that you have to do is to explain your end and then ask for help.

The experts are always willing and ready to help you if you can afford them. So, be sure to spare a bit of the budget, pay the hiring fees, and then detail the project. 

The experts won’t only do a better job, but you will also be able to maintain the same aesthetics as the yard. So, be sure to reach out and explain this complication. Hopefully, you will not have to hassle much with the raspberries. 

The Bottom Line

To conclude the above-mentioned discussion, raspberries are capable of spreading very easily.

They use all forms of means to spread. Therefore, it can be a challenge to control them from spreading, and you will simply be annoyed when you see these bushes spreading all over the yard.

However, we have provided you with some methods that can be used to keep raspberries from spreading and destroying other plants and your garden. We hope that you find our article helpful and solve your problem.

To know more about the methods, go through the above-mentioned article.

Another thing that you can do here is to rely on help from local contractors. These professionals maintain years of professional experience and know how to exactly tackle this situation with the raspberry bushes.

So, if you’re confused about the situation, we suggest that you hire some experts. That way, you will not have to deal with as many challenges, and fixing the situation will come easily to you.

The only downside is that you will have to spare some budget to accommodate these professionals. 

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