How To Keep Landscape Rocks Clean? 3 Methods To Try

how to keep landscape rocks clean
how to keep landscape rocks clean

The landscape rocks are a great way to beautify any place you want. You can lift up the overall look of your gardens even more by adding landscape rocks in it. You can also make a passageway by aligning the landscape rocks in the required direction. However, you should also know about how to keep landscape rocks clean. These rocks are easy to clean and can be maintained with just a little effort. However, the cleaning process of landscape rocks is a bit different from the rest of your landscape. Our article will help you to find the cleaning process you are looking for. Let’s dig in.

How To Keep Landscape Rocks Clean?

1. Remove dirt

The first thing you need to do in order to clean the landscape rocks is to clean all the dirt and debris that is present on the rock’s surface. The dirt and debris lower the quality of the landscape rocks and makes them less appealing to the eyes. Therefore, Pick up all the trash such as wrappers, dried leaves. And twigs and throw them into the waste disposal. You can also use a leaf blower in order to get the job done.

2. Weed removal

The next step is to clean up the weed that has been growing between the rocks. The weed decreases the overall look of the landscape rocs and makes them less aesthetic. If they are avoided, then the weed’s roots will grow deeper. As a result, the position of the rocks will be disturbed by the roots making them leave their fixed positions. This will compromise the design of the whole landscape. Therefore, make sure that you remove all weeds that are growing between these landscape rocks. Pluck out the weed while making sure that the rots also come out with it. Next, use the anti-weed treatments to prevent them from growing again in the area.

3. Hose The Landscape Rocks

The final step is to hose the landscape rocks. Collect all the rocks you want to clean on a sheet of plastic or nay leveled surface. Next, clean the rocks by gently rinsing off the dirt from the rocks by applying a low pressure of water. Once, the rocks are washed completely. Let them sit there in order to dry completely. Wait for about an hour before you place them back into their original location.

It is highly recommended that you clean and wash your rocks every day. This is because rinsing your landscape rocks will water will keep them fresh and new. However, if they are fixed in the ground, it is recommended that you should use the former method in order to clean them. This is because regularly watering the rocks will damage the pH level and nutrient level of the soil endangering the life of the plants nearby.

The Bottom Line

The landscapes are a great way to beautify any place. However, they need to be cleaned in order to maintain their appeal. We have provided you with the methods on how to keep landscape rocks clean. To learn more, read the article mentioned above.

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