How To Keep An Inflatable Pool From Killing Grass? Try These 3 Tips Now!

how to keep inflatable pool from killing grass
how to keep inflatable pool from killing grass

All the reasons why homeowners love lawns would make a long and detailed list. For starters, it is an important consideration for buyers and boosts your home value. It provides a safe space for your kids to play and your family to party. In addition to that, it cleans the air and helps the planet.

Having said that, inflatable pools are a great addition to any yard. They are smaller in size and less deep than regular pools, making them a great choice for kids.

They are easy to set up and super affordable. Of course, not everyone can afford to build a conventional pool at home. With an inflatable pool, you can enjoy swimming with your kids without shelling out an awful lot of money.

inflatable pool

Most people keep inflatable pools on lawns. Although lawns are a great place for doing fun activities with your family, the key problem is that these pools can damage your lovely grass.

Most homeowners often overlook this aspect while installing these pools and get shocked by the destruction it causes underneath.

If you kept the inflatable pool in your yard and are now left scratching your head, this article is for you. In this guide, we will discuss tried and tested ways to keep it from killing the grass. Let’s dig deeper without any further ado!

How To Keep An Inflatable Pool From Killing Grass?

Want to enjoy swimming in an inflatable pool without hurting the grass? Here are a few effective solutions.

  1. Move Pool

Move Pool

The simplest thing you can do to prevent the inflatable pool from killing your grass is to relocate it. This is because keeping the pool in the same spot for a longer period will damage the grass. Of course, the high pressure and blocked sunlight will affect the grass.

So, if you are to keep the inflatable pool on your lawn, make sure to relocate it every day. The longer the grass starves for sunlight, the more likely it is to die. Moreover, it would be a good idea to remove the inflatable pool every night. It will relieve some stress off the grass and make it last a bit longer.

However, you will have to go through a lot of hassle to relocate your inflatable pool every day. And if you have a big-sized pool, we can only send you sympathies.

The only way you can move a big pool every day is by emptying it after every use. This is why it is recommended to purchase small kiddie pools that can be maneuvered easily.

foam pads

Moving your inflatable pool to somewhere else will eliminate the issue in the first place. If you are to keep it on a hard surface, consider placing foam pads under it to make the surface a bit softer. Furthermore, it will also protect you and your family from slips and falls when they get out.

  1. Use a Tarp

Use a Tarp

Using a tarp is another excellent way to keep your inflatable pool from killing grass. Not only does it help your grass, but it also protects your inflatable pool from getting punctured.

Since full-sized inflatable pools hold more water, they are more susceptible to punctures. A kiddie pool may work fine without a tarp, but it is a must-have if you own a big pool. Of course, there could be some sharp objects in the grass. Even a tiny nail or needle can rupture it.

Regardless of the brand of your inflatable pool, it is seen that the outer layer of these pools is made of flimsy materials. So, the layer doesn’t offer much protection against sharp objects. This is where a tarp comes in handy.

Tarps are readily available all over the world. Simply place it under the inflatable pool before installing it. While choosing a tarp to place under the inflatable pool, make sure it is durable enough to withstand some abuse.

Furthermore, it must be made of breathable materials so that bacteria or mildew don’t cause headaches later on.

However, it is important to note that it may not protect your grass. If you keep the inflatable pool for weeks on grass, it may get damaged, despite being covered by a tarp.


Many homeowners make a common mistake of putting a layer of sand under the inflatable pool. Yes, it does protect your pool from getting punctured, but it can easily get washed away in the rain.

And when it does, it may leave the inflatable pool in an awkward position. In addition to that, it will also leave your pool exposed to those sharp objects that you covered with sand.

It is important to choose the right place to keep both the inflatable pool and grass safe. Any flat surface with a good drainage mechanism will work best for this purpose. Bear in mind that a drainage system is a crucial consideration as you will need to drain the inflatable pool often.

  1. Erect A Platform

Erect A Platform

This method might be more expensive than any of the options mentioned above, but you won’t have to put in any extra effort after the initial investment. If you are willing to spend some money, consider building a platform for your inflatable pool.

This way, you will protect both the pool and the grass. To construct a platform, it would be better to hire a professional. They will build a platform with its intended purpose in mind.

Repairing Dead Grass After Removing the Inflatable Pool

Repairing Dead Grass After Removing the Inflatable Pool

As mentioned earlier, keeping the inflatable pool for several days in the same place will cause the grass to die. Your grass needs air, water, and sunlight to survive.

If it doesn’t get either of these elements, it will not thrive. The inflatable pool starves it of all three and suffocates it. This situation will ultimately lead to root rot and the death of the grass.

If that’s the case, you will need to maintain your grass properly to bring it back to life. After removing the inflatable pool, water the grass thoroughly and mow it when needed.

Furthermore, keep your kids and dogs away from the affected area. Remember that it needs more care in the early days. So, reduce the foot traffic in the area with dead spots to help your grass grow faster.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing more refreshing than swimming with your kids in an inflatable pool on a hot day. However, it comes with a displeasing side effect- dead spots on your lawn.

It blocks the sunlight and deprives the grass of water and air, often leading to grass death. Consider moving the inflatable pool every day to keep your yard in tip-top condition.

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