5 Handy Tips To Keep Ducks From Nesting In Your Yard

how to keep ducks from nesting in your yard
how to keep ducks from nesting in your yard

The ducks are cute and lovely as long as they do not destroy your entire yard and ruin your hard work. It requires a lot of hard work to make your yard flawlessly leveled and beautiful and then to maintain them. However, the ducks also love to nest in the yard of the house. This causes the destruction of your beautiful yard. Therefore, we will talk about how to keep ducks from nesting in your yard. Let’s find out.

How To Keep Ducks From Nesting In Your Yard?

1. Creating Water Barriers.

ducks love water. They often invade those houses that contain pools or ponds in their yard. If the access to these water bodies is blocked, the ducks will not be able to come to your yard from nests. It is recommended that you install fences around the yard containing your pool or pond. In this way, the ducks will not be able to come into the yard. You can also use some other physical barriers for this purpose. Also, you can use some chicken wires in the pool. As a result, they will not rest on the land near the pool as well. As a result, they will avoid entering in your yard.

2. Sonic Cannon

Another thing that you can do is to use sonic duck cannons. The sonic cannons are loud sonic noises that the ducks do not like and are scared of. The noise is loud enough for the ducks to keep them away from your yard area. However, these sonic noises are also not liked by many singing birds. This means that if you use the sonic cannon, it will also make the singing birds stay away from the yard.

3. Pool Solar Cover

If the pools are covered by covers, it will not attract the ducks towards themselves. A pool solar cover can do that for you. When you are not using the pool, simply cover the pool with the help of the pool cover. In this way, not only the ducks will not find any interest in your yard but covering the pool will also make sure that the pool remains clean from leaves, bords droppings, etc.

4. Scarecrow Kite

Ducks are usually scared of crows. Get a kite that resembles the crow and hang it in your yard. The ducks will stay away from your beautiful yard as they will be scared of the predator. Hanging the kite is easy as it comes with its own sharp stakes. This means that you do not have to do much in the process.

5. Remove Food From The Yard

The ducks are also attracted to food. Therefore, make sure that you do not keep unnecessary food in your yard. This will attract many animals including ducks. Also, make sure that there are not many fruiting plants near your pool. This is because the ducks usually live on plants that produce fruits.


We have provided you with a list of some methods that you can try to avoid ducks nesting in your yard. To learn more, go through the above-mentioned article.

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