How To Keep A Greenhouse Warm In Winter? Try These 5 Tips

how to keep a greenhouse warm in winter
how to keep a greenhouse warm in winter

Greenhouse is a good source of producing amazingly beautiful and stunning plants at one place and maintaining them. you can grow any kind of plant in a greenhouse by maintaining the temperature and other environmental conditions that a specific plant would prefer. People often tend to grow varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables inside the greenhouse. It is usually warm inside the greenhouse but when the winters come the temperature drops depending on the conditions of the greenhouse. Due to this, many people tend to ask how to keep a greenhouse warm in winters? To answer this question we have provided you with some solutions that will help you to maintain the temperature of the greenhouse in winters.

How To Keep A Greenhouse Warm In Winter?

1. Heat From Composting Materials

This method is used a lot in many places due to its simplicity and ease. It requires you to make a hotbed that contains composting materials. It consists of a layer of decomposing animal waste and then a layer of soil onto which you can grow plants as well. It usually contains the horse’s organic matter which helps provide you with heat from below.

2. Water Heating

You can also use a water heating system to warm up the greenhouse from the inside. Introduce hot water pipework around the beds in the greenhouse and connect the pipe system to the burner or any other source of heat. Nowadays, the hot water pipe system is often connected to the solar system. This makes it more environmentally friendly. The hot water pipes in the beds provide heat to the soil and plants that help them in their better growth.

3. Heaters

You can also install a heater in the greenhouse. The heaters will produce heat that will help warm up the greenhouse. Install a few heaters in every corner of your greenhouse. If you are worried about the bills, then connect the heaters to the solar system of your house. This will make the system cheaper and budget-friendly.

4. Bubble Wrap

You can also use bubble wrap to make the greenhouse warmer in the winter. Cover the greenhouse with bubble wrap from the outside. The bigger the bubble wraps, the better the insulation. Also, make sure to cover all the doors and windows of your greenhouse. This will prevent the heat from escaping outside. The bubble wrap will trap the heat inside the greenhouse and it will help maintain the temperature.

5. Air Heating

You can also use an air heating system to increase the temperature inside the greenhouse. Install pipes in the floors of the greenhouse that will be carrying warm air. A fan can be used to pump the air from the pipes into the air. The plants will consume the air and produce more heat energy.

The Bottom Line

The greenhouse requires a certain temperature to make sure that the plants can grow efficiently. This means that maintaining the temperature is important. There are various ways that can be used to keep the greenhouse warmer in winters. We have provided you with some of these ways and hope that you find them helpful.

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