How To Get Seeds From SunPatiens (Explained)

how to get seeds from sunpatiens
how to get seeds from sunpatiens

There are numerous options that you have when it comes to selecting flowers. Each has unique shapes, sizes, and colors, making them beautiful.

Some flowers even have fragrances that attract people even more. Regarding this, impatiens are among the most popular flowers with numerous varieties.

A famous Japanese seed company bred two different types of impatiens to create a new variety.

This resulted in SunPatiens. This comes in numerous colors, and the flower looks beautiful. The seeds can be expensive, but most people think the price is worth it.

The hybrid of impatiens thrives when planted under sunlight and has a darker color of leaves than the original plant.

How To Get Seeds from SunPatiens?

Now that you understand what SunPatiens is and how amazing the flower is, you will often hear people asking how to get seeds from the plant. When it comes to this, there are several things that you need to keep in mind.

While it is possible to seeds from the flower, this is quite difficult, and the amount will be quite low.

Watering Your SunPatiens Properly

This was already a problem with the original plant impatiens, which is why you should note that its hybrid has the same issue. We will be providing you with a small step-by-step guide that can be used to help you in taking seeds from the SunPatiens plant.

Remember that an airtight jar, desiccant pack, and Nylon pantyhose are required.

  • Start by waiting until your SunPatiens plant starts forming small buds. These will eventually pop and blossom to make a flower. You must wrap the bud with the Nylon pantyhose before it turns brown from green.
  • Wrapping the Nylon pantyhose around the buds tightly ensures that any seeds that come out will not escape. Additionally, the material used in this product allows air to pass through it, which keeps the bud alive at all times.
  • It is essential to check over the bud as it can pop within 2 days. The bud will start by changing its color from green to brown and then pop. You can get a SunPatiens flower; the seeds should fall and gather inside the Nylon pantyhose.
  • You can now remove the Nylon pantyhose carefully so that the seeds do not fall out accidentally. Place the seeds inside an airtight jar and put the desiccant or Silica gel pack along.
  • The user can finally close the airtight jar and place it in a dark, dry, and cool location. These seeds can easily survive for two years if the storage area is optimal.

The steps mentioned above are enough to get seeds from SunPatiens, but one thing to keep in mind is that the seeds will not be original SunPatiens.

In some cases, you can even get a new hybrid, as the pollen used in the flowers is usually from another type of flower.

The Correct way of harvesting seeds from Sunpatiens

At times, people may notice that the seeds of Sunpatiens fall out in late summer, and there is a need to know how to collect them without damaging the plant. Harvesting these seeds correctly can work well and help ensure they can populate in different areas.

One of the first steps when harvesting sunflower seeds is to ensure that the plant is healthy and strong. If the plant shows any signs of disease or fungus, then it is best to discard any seeds from this plant, as they may be affected by these issues.

Begin with identifying a healthy sunflower plant, and you can begin to collect the seeds. When harvesting these seeds, it is important not to pull or tug at the plant, as this can damage the stem.

Instead, you can gently shake each seed head until they fall out of its husks and into your hands.

After the seed collection, it is important to dry them thoroughly before storing them for later use. To do this, spread your seeds in a single layer on a paper towel, and place this in a warm area where they will not be disturbed.

It can take up to a week or more for the seeds to fully dry, so check on them regularly.

Once your sunflower seeds are completely dried, you can store them in an airtight container.

Whether planting sunflower seeds for your garden or sharing them with a friend or neighbor, it is important to harvest and store them correctly to get the best results.

sunflower seed

Steps to avoid while Harvesting Seeds from Sun Patients

Sun Patients are susceptible to diseases and pests, which makes it very important to consider the following while harvesting seeds. The first step is to inspect the plants for any disease or pest infestation signs.

This can be done by carefully examining the leaves, branches, stems, and fruit for discoloration, spots, or other signs of disease.

After inspecting the plants, it is important to consider the environmental conditions that favor plant diseases and pests, such as areas with poor air circulation and too much shade or moisture.

These must be avoided to prevent any diseases from spreading to healthy plants.

Next, remove all diseased or infested branches and leaves from the plants. Dispose of the diseased material in a plastic bag or other container and seal it tightly to prevent pests from escaping into your garden.

You can remove any fruit that appears to be infested with pests, but make sure not to throw away the seeds! Instead, put these seeds aside in their own sealed container so they can be used for planting in the future.

It is important to collect the seeds from any healthy plants. Many flowering and fruiting plants will naturally drop their seeds as they get older or when conditions are unfavorable for growth.

Healthy Plants

You can gather these seeds by spreading a sheet underneath the plant and shaking it once or twice.

At this point, you should also keep the garden free of weeds and other debris that can harbor pests or diseases. This can be done by carefully hand-weeding around each plant and removing any dead leaves or stems.

With these simple steps, it is easy for anyone to harvest seeds from healthy Sun Patients and start their own garden.

Common issues faced while harvesting seeds from sunpatiens

Two major issues can arise while harvesting seeds from sunpatinets, including harvesting too early or too late. Harvesting the seeds too early means collecting them before they are fully mature, resulting in poor quality and low germination rates.

However, if you wait too long to harvest, many seeds will shatter and fall to the ground before you can collect them. To avoid these issues, you must accurately gauge when the seeds are mature enough for harvesting.

Identifying when your sunpatiens’ seeds are fully ripe for harvesting is important. One of the best indicators that your sun patients’ seeds are ready for harvesting is when the majority of them have turned darker and browner in color, especially around the edges.

You can check to see if the seeds release easily from their pods or if the pods themselves open up at all. Once you have determined that your sunpatiens’ seeds are ripe for harvesting, carefully collect the seeds from the plants.

It is important to avoid damaging or bruising them, as this will affect their quality and ability to germinate. You can use a pair of garden gloves or tongs to carefully hold onto the seed pods while you remove their seeds.

If your sunpatinets produce many fruits or have large crops, be mindful of a few things to ensure that all seeds are harvested.

One option is to place a tarp or sheet underneath the plants, then shake or cut down the plants so that the fruit falls onto the tarp instead of on the ground. You can then collect your sunpatiens’ seeds from the tarp, ensuring that you don’t miss any.

Once you have collected your sunpatiens’ seeds, it is important to store them properly to maintain their quality and viability. An airtight container or bag is ideal for storage at room temperature.

You may also want to keep them in the refrigerator if you live in a very warm climate or if you need to store them for a long period.

With proper care, your sunpatiens’ seeds should remain viable and ready for planting for several years.​

Take the following steps to ensure successful seed harvesting from sun patinets. By learning how to properly gauge the maturity of your sunpatiens’ seeds, you can harvest at the right time and will have a high germination rate.

Remember to be gentle when collecting your sunpatiens’ seeds so as not to damage or bruise them.

It is important to store your seeds properly to maintain their quality and viability, whether you keep them at room temperature or refrigerate them. With the right care, you can successfully harvest and replant your sunpatiens’ seeds for many years!​

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