How To Get Seeds From SunPatiens (Explained)

how to get seeds from sunpatiens
how to get seeds from sunpatiens

There are numerous options that you have when it comes to selecting flowers. Each of these has unique shapes, sizes, and colors which make them beautiful. Some flowers even have fragrances that attract people even more. Talking about this, impatiens is one of the most popular types of flowers that has numerous varieties.

A famous Japanese seed company bred two different types of impatiens to create a new variety. This resulted in SunPatiens. This comes in numerous colors and the flower looks beautiful. The seeds can be a little expensive, but most people think that the price is worth it.

The hybrid of impatiens thrives when planted under sunlight and has a darker color of leaves when compared to the original plant.

How To Get Seeds from SunPatiens

Now that you understand what SunPatiens is and how amazing the flower is, you will often hear people asking how to get seeds from the plant. When it comes to this, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. While it is possible to seeds from the flower, this is quite difficult, and the amount will be quite low.

This was already a problem with the original plant impatiens which is why you should note that its hybrid has the same issue. We will be providing you with a small step-by-step guide that can be used to help you in taking seeds from the SunPatiens plant. Keep in mind that an airtight jar, desiccant pack, and Nylon pantyhose are required.

  • Start by waiting until your SunPatiens plant starts forming small buds. These will eventually pop and blossom to make a flower. You have to wrap the bud with the Nylon pantyhose before it starts turning brown from green.
  • Wrapping the Nylon pantyhose around the buds tightly ensures that any seeds that come out will not escape. Additionally, the material used in this product allows air to pass through it which keeps the bud alive at all times.
  • Keeping a check over the bud is essential as it can pop within 2 days. The bud will first start by changing its color from green to brown and then pop. You can then get a SunPatiens flower, and the seeds should fall and gather inside the Nylon pantyhose.
  • You can now remove the Nylon pantyhose carefully so that the seeds do not fall out accidentally. Now place the seeds inside an airtight jar and put the desiccant pack or Silica gel pack along with it.
  • The user can finally close the airtight jar and place it in a dark, dry, and cool location. If the storage area is optimal then these seeds can easily survive for two years.

The steps mentioned above are enough to get seeds from SunPatiens, but one thing to keep in mind is that the seeds will not be original SunPatiens. In some cases, you can even get a new hybrid as the pollen used in the flowers is usually from another type of flower.

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