Can You Plant Mustard Seeds From The Grocery Store?

can you plant mustard seeds from the grocery store
can you plant mustard seeds from the grocery store

You can find a lot of herbs, seeds, and spices from the grocery stores. However, the idea might occur at times to be able to grow some of them on your own. This will not only be a great hobby to spend some time productively, but it will also be ensuring that you are getting the best edge of growing healthier seeds that you can use for all the different sorts of applications as well. You don’t need to do much or worry about it, and with basic knowledge of gardening, you can grow your own herbs and spices in your backyard.

Can You Plant Mustard Seeds from The Grocery Store?

Mustard is liked in most parts of the world as an herb or spice to be consumed with the food. Not only that but mustard seeds are also used for seasoning in multiple cuisines and they add a distinctive taste and texture to a wide range of dishes as well. A few things that you will need to know about the mustard seeds and how you can grow them from the seeds that you buy from grocery stores are:

Is it Possible?

Yes, mustard seeds are some of the seeds that you can grow plants from at your convenience. However, there are certain conditions that must be met if you are looking to make it possible. A lot of factors such as soil, humidity, and nutrients along with the weather conditions come into grow mustard seeds.

That is one of the main reasons that most people would refrain from growing mustard. However, the seeds from grocery stores can be planted perfectly fine and a few things that you will need to be careful about if you want to make it happen are:

Get Fresher Seed

You need to be careful about the packing date and the newer the seed is, the better chances you get to grow a plant out of it. That is why, if you are seeing the packaging date to be older, you shouldn’t be choosing those seeds as they will not germinate properly. Just get the seed with later packaging dates and that is going to help you in the best manner to have the right growing experience that you might be seeking.

Prepare the Soil

After you choose the right seeds for usage, the next thing to do is preparing the soil. You need to make sure that you are putting some compost or lighter soil on the top to make the seedbed. After that, you will need to plant the germinating seed in soil and water it regularly for it to grow in a plant.

You will also need to ensure that the soil has the right nutrients and these mustard seeds should be planted in a place where an average of 5-6 hours of sunlight gets on a day to ensure optimal growth of the mustard plants and that will help you grow the plant from seeds that you got from the grocery store.

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