Tiny Holes In Tomato Plant Leaves: What’s The Reason?

tiny holes in tomato plant leaves
tiny holes in tomato plant leaves

Gardening is all about balance, people have to manage things according to the requirements of their plants. Giving too much or too little can create problems for a gardener. This is why it takes years of experience before an individual can grow or expand a garden.

Some people like to grow vegetables at home to make their hobby more productive. However, we have recently noticed many individuals worrying about holes in the tomato plant leaves. So, let’s cover why you might have tiny holes in tomato plant leaves and what you can do about it.

Tiny Holes In Tomato Plant Leaves

People have this misconception that the holes might somehow be related to worms. But that is not always the case. In most situations, you need to look at the watering technique used by the gardener. Ideally, gardens should only water the soil and don’t get any water on the plant leaves or stem. Doing this will help them avoid tiny holes from appearing on tomato plant leaves. These holes are caused by a fungus affecting the plant leaves.

People that run into this issue casually water the plants by spraying water on top of the plants. If you don’t follow the correct watering technique then you will notice more and more holes appear on your tomato plant. So, if you’re having this problem with your plants then you need to gently supply the water at the base of the plant. Avoid using the shower mode on your hose and bring the outlet closer to the soil.

That should help you fix the issue of holes appearing in tomato plant leaves. Aside from the watering technique, you also need to check the timing at which you water your plants. To completely avoid this problem, it would be best if you can take some time in the evening to water your plants. Watering the plants at night or early in the morning might also cause similar issues.

Other than that, you need to ensure that there is sufficient sunlight present and the excess water is evaporating when you’re done with the plants. The most common issue that beginners face during gardening is that they will almost always provide excessive water to the plants. As mentioned above, gardening is all about balance and you need to manage things on a balanced scale if you want to avoid problems with your tomato plants.

To Conclude

The tiny holes appearing in your tomato plant leaves are because you’re sprinkling the water on top of the leaves. You need to use the proper watering technique and supply water to the soil at the base of the plant. Otherwise, more and more holes will keep appearing as the fungus grows on your plant leaves.

You can also improve your situation by changing the time at which you water your plants. You want there to be maximum sunlight and heat while watering your plants. That way the excess water can evaporate quickly and you don’t have to worry about water gathering on your plant leaves. Hopefully, that will help you avoid this problem with your tomato plant leaves.

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