How Many Marigold Seeds Per Pot? (Suggestions)

how many marigold seeds per pot
how many marigold seeds per pot

Marigolds are beautiful, common little plants that you’ll find in many gardens. They have a very nice appearance, and anyone can easily maintain them. Whether you’re experienced at gardening or just starting out, they can be a good choice for you if you already don’t have them.

But, that doesn’t mean you have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are still certain precautions that are necessary, as the Marigold plant will die if you don’t. One of these precautions includes knowing how many marigold seeds you can put in every pot.

If you don’t already know the answer to this question, check out this detailed guide as we’ll be covering all the necessary information you need in detail.

How Many Marigold Seeds Per Pot?

Marigolds are beautiful plants that make your ground look beautiful while also giving it an appealing scent. The bright colors on these flowers attract people which is why you will notice users planting them in large quantities. This is why the question of how many marigold seeds can be planted plant per pot is often asked.

Before answering the question, you should note that the plants reach a total height of 6 to 18 inches. Additionally, they can spread sideways but not as much as you think. Keeping this in mind, you notice that the plants are on the smaller side which is why multiple seeds can be used inside a single pot. Although, the size of your pot will also play a huge role in how many seeds can be planted. The flowers require direct sunlight to stay healthy and grow flowers that will shine brightly.

Hence, having enough space for the flowers to catch sunlight easily is important. Giving a rough idea of how many seeds of marigold can be planted per pot, you should note that a single one is enough for a 6-inch pot. Although, when you start moving up in size, two to three seeds can be used in a pot with a 12-inch diameter or surface area. This is because the large the pot gets, having a little clutter can be normal. Just like this if you decide to use a pot that has 18 inches of surface area on it then you might be able to use five or even more seeds.

Keeping this information in mind, people can easily determine how many marigold seeds will be required per pot. If you notice that your flowers or plants are getting too cluttered then try cutting one of the plants or taking it out completely. Allowing the plants to breathe is important as this helps it in staying healthy. If only a small part of your plant is not covered then don’t worry as the flowers will eventually spread over it.

Usually, leaving space between the plants is a great option as it helps your marigolds in looking even better. Aside from this, people should also understand that keeping the flowers healthy is another important step. This will ensure that your plants keep on spreading and grow out beautifully while avoiding most issues.

Keeping Marigold Healthy In Pots

Something that you need to do to keep your marigolds healthy inside your pots is that you keep a small hole beneath the pot. A piece of brick should be put over it along with some sand. This allows small amounts of liquid to easily escape through the hole while no soil leaves the pot. The process is important as marigolds require proper drainage.

Without this, water will collect inside the pot and kill it. Other than this, people should also put the marigolds in a spot where sunlight can hit them easily. This will help the plants in growing out healthy while ensuring that there are no problems with it. Make sure that you keep the soil rich in minerals using fertilizers while the plant is still growing.


Now you know how many seeds of marigold can be planted in a pot. You don’t have to worry about any kind of misgrowth or other issues with your plant as long as you remember all the tips we talked about in this article!

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