How Far Apart to Plant Vinca?(Answered)

How Far Apart to Plant Vinca
How Far Apart to Plant Vinca

Planting flowers in your garden gives it a unique look. However, when it comes to selecting what type of plant to use, people can get confused. This is because each flower has its different types and there are tons of color options that you have to choose between. Additionally, one more important factor to consider is the requirements to keep the plant healthy. This is why most beginners should start by planting flowers that are easier to maintain.

Vincas are one of the best flowers that fall under this category as these can stay healthy even if you don’t keep them in check. The plant can survive in harsh conditions and still blossom when it is in season.

This can be amazing but there are also some questions that people have in mind regarding the plant. One common query is how far apart to plant vinca. When it comes to this, we will be using this article to provide you with the answer along with information that will help you in keeping your vincas healthy.

How Far Apart to Plant Vinca?

Vinca is one of the easiest flowers to maintain although there are also tons of things that you need to understand. The spacing required when growing the plants is an essential part as these flowers are known for spreading quickly. Answering “how far apart to plant vinca?”, you should note that these can grow about 6 to 8 inches tall. As for the width of a single plant, this can spread from about 22 to even 25 inches at times.

This can be a lot which is why most people use vincas as ground cover. Considering this, if you have a similar plan in mind then planting the seeds or flowers about 12 to 18 inches apart is the best option that you can go with. While the flowers will eventually intermingle with each other, you should note that it makes the plants look even better.

As long as the space between them is enough to keep the plants spreading easily without any interruptions at the start, your vinca should grow healthy and look beautiful. If you have a smaller ground, then deciding to plant the flowers about 8 inches apart is another great option. This is better for people who want their gardens covered quickly instead of waiting for the vinca roots to spread.

One of the best things about this flower is how easily it can spread on surfaces. Considering this, you can even put the plant over a slope and watch it spread all over it. The temperature and maintenance requirements for this flower also allow people to grow them without having to worry about their condition. Keep in mind that you can also prevent the growth of these flowers by putting them along sidewalks or driveways. This is a great way to limit the plant from spreading all around your ground.

Where To Plant Vinca?

Another question that people might often ask is where to plant vinca. This is another important factor as the place you have the flower in can affect its growth. Vinca is mostly known for surviving most temperatures without any issues. Considering this, the only thing that you need to ensure is the condition of the soil you are going to plant the flowers.

This should have enough minerals to keep your vinca fed throughout the season. If you notice that the soil is too dry, then you can keep it moist by adding small amounts of water. Too much liquid can also damage or kill the plant which is why keeping a check on its quantity is important. If you have an automated watering system or don’t have enough time to keep your soil in check then you should create small escape routes.

These can be dug inside the soil to let water escape in case it starts gathering. Other than this, vinca can easily grow under sunlight as well as in total shade, but direct sunlight is known for burning the plant. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is why the most optimal spot for this flower is in partial shade. If you don’t already have a location like this, then you can also use sheets to prevent sunlight from hitting your vincas.

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