How Do You Care For Petunia Hanging Baskets?

how do you care for petunia hanging baskets
how do you care for petunia hanging baskets

Petunias are great decoration for any sort of wall, garden or even if you want to plant them for inside your place. Planting Petunias in a hanging basket is a tradition and they are being planted that way for quite a long time now.

This adds greatly to the aesthetics of any place and you will have the right scent and looks to your place with these hanging petunias. However, caring for them is something that you will need to be considerate about as these are delicate flowers that require the right attention. A few things that you will need to keep in mind to optimally take care of them are:

How Do You Care For Petunia Hanging Baskets?

Choosing the right soil

You cannot use the garden soil for these hanging baskets. The garden soil will get too heavy over time and that will cause damage to the baskets. Not only that, but it will also be causing problems with the drainage.

So, you will need to get a lightweight commercial potting mix from any of those gardening stores and that will be just the perfect thing that you are going to need. The commercial mixes are not only lightweight, but they have proper drainage as well that is needed to keep the petunias in your hanging basket healthy and well hydrated. They are the best for getting them right nutrients from the soil as well.

Hang them at the right place

You will also need to make sure that you are hanging the basket at the right spot where these flowers can get ample sunlight and air for proper ventilation. These plants can do well indoors but a bit of sunlight is always needed for all the flowers to get them the right nutrition and proper growth. Choosing the right place will help you a lot and if your flowers are wilting or not growing properly, you will need to change the place for hanging the basket and choose a place with good ventilation to get it right for you.

Water them regularly

You will need to water the petunias regularly. While most of the flowers don’t require that much water, petunias will be needing to be watered at least twice a day to stay fresh and healthy. So, you will need to maintain a healthy watering routine for them and water them at least twice a day to ensure that you are taking good care of your plants and the flower will remain healthy.

Maintain Proper Drainage

You don’t only need to ensure that you are watering them good, but the drainage also needs to be perfect. There are multiple issues that you might be facing with the flowers if the drainage is not right. Especially if you are hanging the petunia baskets indoor, you will have to make sure that you have the right soil and drainage for these hanging baskets and that will ensure your flowers are growing and staying healthy without developing any problems at all.

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