4 Best Ginseng Digging Tools That You Can Use

ginseng digging tools
ginseng digging tools

Ginseng is a popular variety of plants that are primarily used in China and America. It has a broad range of applications, especially while studying Chinese medicine.

The plant is known for having various healing properties that include lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, reducing stress, boosting energy levels, and treating metabolic disorders like diabetes type II and also is extensively used in a few countries to manage sexual problems in men.

All of these reasons and its ability to sharpen the thinking process and cognition is precisely what makes it famous.

Ginseng comes in eleven different types, and depending on the kind of Ginseng, it should have different characteristics.

Ginseng is a plant that grows quite slowly with its fleshy, fork-shaped light-colored roots, long stalk, and oval-shaped green leaves.

It predominantly grows in woodland under dense shade, favoring slopes with rich soil. It typically ranges from 8 to 10 inches long when it fully matures. Its harvest season in America is September to October.

But unlike other plants, Ginseng might take months before the seeds even start to germinate.

However, because of the considerable benefits and uses of ginseng roots, farmers wait all year to dig them out of the ground to sell them for their medicinal properties.

How to Harvest Ginseng 

One of the most surprising facts about harvesting Ginseng, unlike any other plants, is that it requires a permit, at least in America, where it’s found throughout the deciduous forests.

Digging Ginseng is not at all permitted on government and federal property.

It is only allowed on private property in the harvesting season only when they have reached a certain level of maturity.

So if you have the permit to dig and the plant is mature enough (at least have three leaves), you can follow these steps to harvest Ginseng.

  1. Remove soil/ dig with our digging tools for an almost 5 inches radius around the plant. Pull the entire root and dirt clod from the
  2. Carefully remove loose soil and take care not to break off parts of the root.
  3. Record the date and location of your collection.

Best Ginseng Digging Tools That You Can Use

In order to dig or harvest Ginseng, or any plant in general, special equipment is required by the farmer or whoever decides to do the task.

However, digging out Ginseng is different from digging out any ordinary plant.

Hence it is essential that you carefully buy the right products needed for digging these plants, so you can pull them out without breaking off their parts.

Through this article, we will be explaining to you some of the best digging tools that you can use. All of the items that we will list in the article can be easily bought from amazon.

We will also be describing each and every tool in detail so you can choose according to your need and budget what suits you best. So, let’s get right into it.

  1. Korean Ginseng Hoe

korean ginseng hoe

This is undoubtedly one of the finest tools that you can use in order to dig out Ginseng. It is quite a handy tool for digging with its weight of almost 900 grams which makes working with it untiring.

It is 400 mm x 310 mm in size, which is convenient enough for holding it for long hours if you have a supple ginseng yield on your form.

The price of Korean Ginseng Hoe is also listed at a very fair price on Amazon’s official website. 

It is also worth mentioning here that the hoe comes with two legs that are designed optimally for digging out plants with considerably long roots like Korean Ginseng.

The tool has a very powerful cutting ability thanks to having a solid cast iron material. The blade is inserted into the wooden handle to make sure the home is entirely comfortable to use, as well as durable.

  1. Sungmor 2 in 1 Double Hoe

sungmor double hoe

This is a multi-purpose hoe that comes with a very unique design. While being impressively small, the hoe is both strong and sharp. The materials used in the head are made of carbon steel.

Additionally it is coated with the anti-rust powder to ensure the head of the sungmor doesn’t rust.

It also comes with a tremendous solid handle that is both soft and has an ergonomic TPR grip.

The grip has a beautiful two-colored design, giving it a more aesthetic look. There is also a hanging hole on the handle, which provides it with an extra feature.

You can hang it behind your doors on wall clips and keep yourself from misplacing it.

What’s so unique about using this tool is that it has two different sides; as its name suggests, it’s a 2 in one double hoe, where both sides are used for various purposes.

One side with three legs, having a comb-like appearance, is used to dig in the more complex soil. Its sharp corners make it a lot easier to dig in without even putting in a lot of effort.

The other side, leveled, is used to loosen the soil and move it away.

This ginseng tool weighing only around 0.66 lb., is ergonomic, easy to use, and sturdy; however, the only problem is that it may seem a bit pricey.

  1. Homes Garden Bend-Proof Cultivator

homes garden bend proof

Here is another excellent tool that you can use for the purpose of digging Ginseng.

It is a very small cultivator made of a powdered solid carbon steel head that is virtually unbreakable and rust-resistant, provides lasting value, and is also very easy to maintain.

The three claws of generous length help to quickly loosen soil while simultaneously removing weeds without damaging the tender growth of ginseng roots.

The ergonomic structure and light weight require less bending on your back and make your work easier.

The sharp head can be used to dislodge small weeds and can be used to effectively cultivate and harvest all of your crops.

The carbon steel tines are durable and lightweight, and the PE ergonomic grip is very comfortable for doing the job. The ends are razor-sharp, which helps when digging through the hard compacted soil.

The claws are large in length, which allows you to easily use them in your garden. Curve designs on the handle are friendly on your fingers when grabbing.

It is tough enough to scrape away the soil and help you dig your ginseng root without any damage.

The handle hang hole at its lower end offers easy storage.

Not only this, an exciting thing is its color. It comes in an olive green shade, which would best fit your gardening scheme. 

Its overall built quality is exceptional, and the tool is also not too pricey, making it one of the best gardening tools to have.


tabor tools

TABOR TOOLS Pick is a great garden pick that can be used as a way of digging Ginseng as well. However, the tool is best used to loosen up the soil or cultivate vegetables.

It is rated pretty high on Amazon, as most users have had a great experience using it.

What’s best about using the tool is that it is intended for multi-purpose.

Where it serves a significant role in loosening soil around the garden, it also is excellent for small archaeological projects like onion, carrot, or ginseng harvesting and preparing flower beds. 

It comes in two different varieties, one with a fiberglass handle and the other with a wooden handle.

The fiberglass handle is not only lighter in weight than the wooden handle, but it is also comparatively more robust and virtually unbreakable.

 Its rubber grip allows for improved handling and control, offering maximum comfort while at the same time reducing hand and arm fatigue.

Its orange color gives it high visibility making it easier for you to locate the tool in the grass.   It comes with a fantastic build quality, coupled with a great design.

This, in terms, helps you to use this tool as an all-purpose solution for managing your garden at a very reasonable cost.

The Bottom Line

In view of all the benefits that ginseng root can provide, are you thinking about how to dig it out to consume in the best possible way? Ever wonder about the best Ginseng digging tools that you can buy?

Don’t contemplate and look around anymore because we have you covered, in this article; we have shared with you the four best tools that you can use for digging Ginseng.

All of the items listed have their own specific qualities and range in sizes. They can all be easily bought directly from Amazon, which is the world’s leading online store available in most regions.

Simply choose from any one of the tools that we have mentioned in this article, depending on your requirement and budget and start your digging process. So you can easily dig out the ginseng root for your benefit.

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