Fireglow vs Bloodgood Japanese Maple: What’s The Difference

fireglow vs bloodgood japanese maple
fireglow vs bloodgood japanese maple

There are many variants of top-quality plants now available in the market. With such an explosive increase in the range of plants, it has become challenging for many gardeners to keep track of the similarities between different plants. Most of the time, the color and the size is good indicator to differentiate between different plants. However, some plants bring relatively minimal differences to the table.

You will often find people on online gardening forums discussing Fireglow and Bloodgood Japanese Maple. Most people seem to be confused about the different aspects of both these plants. So, to help you with a better perspective, let’s go over both of these plants briefly.

Fireglow vs Bloodgood Japanese Maple


It is one of the most known varieties of Japanese maple that brings rich color to your yard. It is the perfect addition to your garden and transforms the beauty of your home. However, compared to Bloodgood, the Fireglow maintains a lighter color. Just by looking at the Japanese Maple, you can easily differentiate between these two plants. The Fireglow closely resembles a light pinkish plant with a unique aesthetic for your garden.

The most prominent differentiating factor between these two plants is that Fireglow is substantially shorter than the Bloodgood Japanese Maple. It also maintains a slower growth rate and takes more time to grow. The best thing about this plant is that you don’t have to worry about excessive exposure to sunlight as long as you’re not noticing drying issues. The watering requiems of this plant are also very manageable and it takes less than one cycle each week to keep the plant hydrated.

As far as the soil mixture is concerned, both of these plants flourish in the soil mixture with optimal drainage qualities. If there is sufficient moisture in the soil, then you won’t have to worry about watering these plants for extended periods of time. Similarly, depending upon the environmental conditions, you might have to tweak the caring tips to accommodate for this changing variable.

All in all, the Fireglow is a beautiful Japanese Maple that brings a new life to the garden. Luckily, taking care of this plant is quite easy as long as the environmental conditions are not extreme. However, if you’re living in extreme environmental conditions, then there is still a chance to sustain this plant by properly caring for the different requirements.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

The Bloodgood Japanese Maple brings a darker shade of red to your garden. The density of branches is also more in this Japanese Maple, and it is known for its massive size. On average, a Bloodgood Japanese Maple is at least twice as large as the Fireglow Japanese Maple. It can easily grow more than 20 feet in length and in width. On the other hand, the Fireglow can’t grow larger than 10 feet in most cases, even after many years of growth.

Just like the Fireglow, this Japanese Maple can withstand relatively harsher conditions without much trouble. Watering it once per week should be enough as long as there is sufficient moisture in the soil. To be sure, you can use your hands and check the first two inches of the soil. If the soil is cold and there is sufficient moisture, then sticking to your current watering schedule should be enough. However, if the soil is sludgy, then you need to look towards alternatives while trying to fix your plant.

The growth rate of a Bloodgood Japanese Maple is much faster than Fireglow. You will notice a substantial increase in the size of the plants a few years after you add them to your garden. It grows perfectly well in sunny conditions but also benefits from a partial shade depending upon the harshness of the environment. All in all, it is a perfectly good Japanese Maple that magnifies the beauty of your home.

So, depending upon your personal preference and the garden aesthetic, you can plant a Bloodgood Maple or a Fireglow in your garden. If you prefer a lighter shade of pink in your garden and don’t want a large Japanese Maple, then Fireglow is best for you. Otherwise, you can choose the darker option and grow the enormous Bloodgood in your garden.

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