Farmer Seed and Nursery Reviews: Is It Worth The Price?

farmer seed and nursery reviews
farmer seed and nursery reviews

Plants and seeds are considered to play an important role in the agriculture sector. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for good-quality plants and seeds. You will need to do in-depth market research to find suppliers in the market.

After creating the list of shortlisted suppliers, it is quite likely that you would have included Farmer Seed and Nursery in your list. If you are amongst those who want to buy plants and seeds from Farmer Seed and Nursery, then the only way to make a perfect decision is to go through reviews.

It is because reviews are the only way that provides you with hidden information. Therefore, Farmer Seed and Nursery reviews are given below to help you to make your decision.

Farmer Seed and Nursery Reviews

Farmer Seed and Nursery is a company that supplies different types of plants and seeds. Moreover, their plants and seeds are supplied in different regions and states of the United States of America. They have a vast variety of vegetable plants and Bulbs. In addition, they also supply plants for decorating your garden or yard.

Many people ordered different kinds of seeds from the Farmer Seed and Nursery.  Most of them were not happy, with the quality of the order. It is because many people faced some problems with the seeds. Firstly, the quality of the seeds was horrible.

Secondly, many customers ordered seeds and when the order was delivered, the order appeared to be different. Above all, they name the package with the name of the seed, that you ordered, but the seed inside it, appeared to be different. Some other issues claimed by customers are the following:

Incomplete Order

As claimed by many customers, whenever they ordered any seed for their gardens. Either, the order will not deliver, or if by any chance the order is delivered, it will be incomplete. This shows that they cannot be trusted if you are ordering seeds or plants for business purposes.

Quality of Plants

In some cases, customers received the order with plants that dried out during delivery. However, if you are ordering any plant or seed, keep in mind that it is quite likely that the order you receive might consist of dead plants.

Late Delivery

Another problem with Farmer Seed and Nursery is that their orders are never delivered on time. The delivery time is quite long. In short, you have to wait for a long time, maybe months, to receive the order. Consequently, this can be a problem for those people who live in an area that is far away from their branch. It is because, they cannot go and pick up the order on their own, and they have to wait until the order is delivered to them.

No Precautions Taken by Them

The first thing to be kept in mind before delivering the order is to keep the order safe and precautions must be taken. It is because, if the plants will not be kept in a safe environment, they will die. However, they do not take any precautions to store plants or seeds during delivery, because of which their plants dry out during the process of delivery.

Customers’ Service Is Not Responsive

Customer service is the main factor that makes the company build trust amongst its customers. However, Farmer Seed and Nursery do not support their customers when they face an issue with the product. Even if the product is not the one that was ordered. They will not respond to your texts, emails, or calls. As a result, many users lost trust in them, and they never ordered again.

Why Farmer Seed and Nursery Is Not Better Than Other Competitors?

It can be concluded that Farmer Seed and Nursery has failed in fulfilling the demand. Most of their customers were not happy with the quality of the delivered product. Moreover, the customer service is not responsive because they do not help their customers with their problems. Their refund policy is not according to the market standards because of which you can lose your money if a wrong or defective product is delivered. Moreover, the delivery service is too slow, and no precautions are taken for the safety of the plant during delivery.

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