Does Scotts Turf Builder Kill Weeds? (Explained)

does scotts turf builder kill weeds
does scotts turf builder kill weeds

Plants come with tons of varieties that people can choose from. These usually range in characteristics, shapes, and even sizes.

You should note that there are plants that can be grown for their flowers, or even fruits and vegetables that can be harvested.

Depending on the variety that you are trying to plant, the steps required to maintain these will also vary.

With that being said, people should note that these varieties can also run into some problems. One of the most common complaints that you will notice in most gardens is that the plants are dying.

Before you deal with the problem, identifying its main reason is essential. In most cases, plants fail to grow because of a lack of nutrients.

Considering this, companies like Scotts have come up with products that can be used to keep your lawn healthy at all times.

While the fertilizers inside the Scotts Turf Builder are enough to keep most lawns green and blooming, people often ask some questions regarding the product.

Recently, users have been asking “Does Scotts Turf Builder Kill Weeds?”.

If the same question has crossed your mind, then going through this article should help you in finding all the relevant information required regarding this query.

This is why make sure that you go through all of this carefully as it should also help you in avoiding issues later on.

Does Scotts Turf Builder Kill Weeds?

Scotts Turf Builder is one of the most famous products from the brand that is mostly used on lawns that have a lot of grass.

The product keeps the lawn healthy by providing it with all the nutrients required. This also allows the plants to maintain a green color which makes them look beautiful.

Though, people growing grass will often notice that their lawn starts growing weeds in random locations.

The main reason this happens is that birds or insects flying around might have dropped some pollen accidentally. This gets mixed up in your garden resulting in small weeds starting to grow.

People can usually pluck these out but if the weeds are growing constantly then it can be quite annoying to deal with.

Now that you understand that this is a common problem with most lawns with grass, you should note that Scotts is already aware of it.

lawn grass

Answering the question can be slightly technical as Scotts has tons of products that fall under their Turf Builder lineup.

All of these focus on ensuring that your grass has enough nutrients so that it can stay healthy but there are also some differences between them.

Considering this, people should always go through the specifications of these products carefully before deciding which one to purchase.

This helps users in getting a solution that will work perfectly in their garden. The process also allows people to avoid problems that they might run into later on.

As mentioned above, if you are someone who has weeds growing in your lawn, then it is recommended that you purchase a lineup of Turf Builders that has chemicals strong enough to kill these.

Several products have this feature, but the Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action1 is the best option.

Depending on your usage and preferences, the solution required can easily vary. This fact alone strengthens the recommendation that you take your time deciding which product to purchase.

When talking about Trip Action1, you should note that it comes with several features.

These include strengthening the grass in your lawn while also being able to prevent and kill weeds.


Though, the main issue with the product is that it can only kill weeds that are from the groups of clover and dandelions. As for crabgrass, these are only prevented from growing further.

The results also only last 4 months after which the fertilizers have to be used again. When talking about this, people need to understand that there are over 200 types of weeds that can grow in their gardens.

This is why there is a high chance that the weed growing in your lawn might not die from the solution.

To prevent this problem, it is much better that you purchase a weed killer from Scotts instead of simply using the Turf Builder.

The great thing about this solution is that the chemicals can be used together without any issues. However, it is important that you only use weed killers on your grass.

This is because the chemicals in the product are strong enough to damage your flowers in case it gets sprayed near them.


To avoid your plants from dying, you should spray dangerous chemicals like these carefully. One upside of using these chemicals is how long they can last you.

Most weed killers from Scotts can last people between 6 to 12 months easily. This gives users a lot more time before they have to spray the solution again which can be amazing.

Problems With Scotts Turf Builder and Weed Killers

Now that you understand that the Scotts Turf Builder can only kill specific types of weeds, some people might report that their products are not working.

This is a common problem reported by tons of users but when it comes to it, several things should be noted.

The only reason why your product might not work can be that it is faulty. If this is true, then your only option is to contact the support team for Scotts.

Contacting Support

They should look into your complaint and provide you with a replacement as long as you provided them with all the details required.

Though, one important thing that people should note is that the major reason why your product might not be working is usually that you are using it wrong.

You are either trying to use a product that is not made for the intended use, alternatively, the quantity being used is incorrect.

To prevent problems like these, it is much better that you first go through the manual provided along with the Scotts Turf Builder products before you start using these in your garden.

This should help you in avoiding tons of problems and errors in your garden.

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