Do Rabbits Eat Kale In The Garden? How To Prevent It

do rabbits eat kale in the garden
do rabbits eat kale in the garden

Rabbits love to graze and they eat a lot of plants as well. They tend to eat flowers, plants, and whatnot. So, you will need to be careful about petting the rabbits if you have a garden and you want to keep the plants safe as well. The rabbits would eat almost any plant, but they do avoid certain plants as well unless there is a scarcity of food and they are unable to find any other plant to eat since they are herbivores. So, a few things that you will need to know about rabbits and whether or not do they eat kale leaves in the garden are:

Do Rabbits Eat Kale in The Garden?

Rabbits like cabbages and lettuce. That is why kale is something that wouldn’t be much safer from them. You will need to keep the rabbits at bay from the kale if you have them planted at the garden. For starters, you might not want to keep the rabbits in the same garden. Yet, there are ways for you to avoid it from happening and the rabbits will not be eating up your kale if you are taking some preventive measures.


Fences are one of the oldest methods to protect your plants and you will need to ensure that you are trying it out. Yet, the rabbits are flexible and extremely fast so they can go through the fences as well sometimes. That is why you will need to ensure that you are making the fence high enough around the kale plants. This will prevent the rabbits from jumping across.

It will also be great if you would make the fence out of some solid wood or some mesh so the rabbits are not able to pass through the gaps and that will optimally be keeping your kale plants safe from all those rabbits that you have.

Sacrificial plants

Another thing that you can try out for the rabbits to not eat your kale is to plant some other sacrificial plants around them. The rabbits can eat them and leave your kale alone. You can plant a number of plants. For example, flowering plants or any other plant that doesn’t require much care, and the rabbits will eat that. This will serve the purpose for you as long as the plants are in ample quantity for the rabbits to have their fill. In the end, they will be leaving the kale leaves alone.

Protective plants

There are also several plants that rabbits will not eat. These can add a great protective layer around the kale. You just have to grow these plants around the kale and make a protective layer all around. That will be the best thing for you to ensure that the rabbits are not eating your kale. Protective plants are simply the best thing. They are going to ensure that you can keep the kale safe. However, it might not work most of the time and rabbits will still have a go at your kale plants.

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