Do Microgreens Regrow After Cutting? (Explained)

do microgreens regrow after cutting
do microgreens regrow after cutting

Microgreens are young green vegetables. They are around 1-3 inches in length. These vegetables have a pleasant flavor, along with good nutritional values. They come in a variety of different textures and colors. Some people may mistakenly consider sprouts to be microgreens. However, there is a difference between them. Suppose microgreens are the baby plants that are somewhere between the lines of a sprout and a baby green.

Only the stems and leaves of a microgreen are edible. An important factor that differentiates them from a baby green is that they are much smaller, and are mostly sold before even being reaped.

Do Microgreens Regrow After Cutting?

While in the process of growing microgreens, we have seen many people ask whether they grow back after cutting. The answer to that question is more than a simple yes or no. It also makes sense to ask the question as most of you may need all the plants that you can get out of your batch.

If you are someone also wondering whether microgreens regrow after cutting, then we recommend you stay with us through the end of the article. Because we will be explaining in detail whether the microgreens will regrow or not, and what factors can the growth actually depend on.

If you are here for the short answer, most microgreens do not grow after cutting if not for a few exceptions. You see, there is a minor chance that microgreens will grow back after you have harvested or cut them. However, this chance only exists if you do not cut the lowest leaf of these plants. In case you have completely cut the microgreens, they won’t be growing back.

How Does Their Regeneration Work?

In order to truly understand whether they will grow back, you will have to first learn how the regeneration of these plants actually works. The main reason behind the plant’s chance of growth if you haven’t cut the lowest part of the leaf is because it will most likely activate photosynthesis.

However, the chances are still very low as this is simply how the growing mechanism of microgreens work. Microgreens aren’t really that good at regrowing after being cut. This goes for almost every young plant out there. They are also highly vulnerable to infections. When such a young plant is cut down, it only increases the chance of being infected by fungus.

This calls for special care. Microgreens are one of the plants that require the most attention from the person responsible for growing them. They can easily get rot if the person overlooks even a small thing such as watering the plant too much.

The Bottom Line

In case you are wondering “Do microgreens regrow after cutting?”, then we highly suggest you give this article a read. We have attached all the information that you may need to get a detailed answer along with proper reasoning.

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