Cypress Tree vs Juniper Tree- The Better Pick?

cypress tree vs juniper
cypress tree vs juniper

Trees are often planted in gardens for the numerous benefits that these come with. This includes getting food like fruits from them or even getting shade around your house. Trees can also be harvested for their wood to make furniture and similar objects. The materials taken from the plants are quite durable which makes them a great option to go for. Other than this, trees can also help people in breathing as they produce a lot of oxygen while removing carbon dioxide from the air.

With that being said, cypress trees and juniper trees are both popular options that people decide to go for. Although, the main issue that users run into with the plants is that they are also quite similar. Hence, some users might get confused when trying to select which tree to pant out of them. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between cypress and juniper trees. Going through it should help you in deciding which plant to keep in your garden as well as how you can distinguish between them.

Cypress Tree vs Juniper Tree

Cypress Tree

Cypress trees or also known as Mediterranean cypress are a species from the Mediterranean region. These can be found spread around coastal Bulgaria, Albania, northeast Libya, and several other regions. However, the trees have also been spreading to other areas because of how easy they are to maintain. The plants can be grown as both a tree as well as shrubs depending on how you cut them. Keeping this in mind, if you keep pruning the plant then its growth can be easily kept in control. This allows people to grow it as a shrub which can be quite easy to handle.

With that being said, another thing to note about cypress trees is that they also have several varieties that they can be selected from. These might slightly make the characteristics vary but overall, the plant should have the same maintenance steps. Most varieties of cypress trees can grow up to 80 feet tall if taken care of properly. These also grow small needles that look beautiful when seen from a distance. The color on these starts to change into brown as winters start approaching.

The weather conditions that these trees are planted in play a huge role in their growth as well as how healthy the leaves will be. Talking about this, the first thing that you need to do is ensure that the trees are kept in a spot where they can get direct sunlight. Usually, areas with higher temperatures are better for the trees as it requires long hours of light every day. Cypress can also survive in partial shade but if the temperatures start dropping then the tree can lose its leaves quickly.

Juniper Tree

Juniper trees are also a type of plant that can be grown as both shrubs as well as trees. The seeds in the female plants grow out as cones that continue to grow throughout the pollination season. The male plants on the other hand release pollen that can cause tons of allergies which is why people should keep this information in mind. Juniper trees also have over 60 species that users can select from and each of them has its unique characteristics.

The color of the leaves, as well as the flowers growing on the plant, can easily vary depending on which variety you decide to plant. Junipers are mostly cultivated for the durable wood that can be harvested from them. Additionally, the plant is known for surviving harsh weather conditions as it usually grows in forests where they are only surrounded by rocks and no water. This makes them drought resistant as well as strong enough to keep themselves healthy.

Other than this, people have to keep the tree under sunlight as it is required for about 6 to 8 hours every day. As long as this is taken care of, the plant can keep on growing new leaves throughout the year. The flowers only bloom during spring but these can sometimes stay until fall. Now that you understand all this, choosing between juniper and cypress trees should be quite easy for you.

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