Can You Grow Chanterelle Mushrooms?

can you grow chanterelle mushrooms
can you grow chanterelle mushrooms

There are a wide variety of mushrooms that are being grown for a wide range of purposes. Some mushrooms are edible and are consumed as food, while there are some other species being used for medicinal purposes. In addition to all that, there are some mushrooms that might be poisonous and toxic and you certainly need to avoid those. Mushrooms grow on their own most of the time under the shades of trees and in wild, but they can also be farmed and grown for commercial or growing for their own kitchen.

Can You Grow Chanterelle Mushrooms?

Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelle mushrooms are probably the most popular edible mushroom type that is usually orange, yellow, or white in color and is funnel-shaped mostly. They are wild mushrooms and often found in the wilderness under the tree’s shadows. These mushrooms cannot grow on their own, as they tend to develop a bonding with the root of trees and are found around the water sources mostly.

Is it Possible to Grow Them?

While it might seem a lot difficult than other species of mushrooms to grow Chanterelle mushrooms, it is not impossible and you can grow them in your garden or with the trees to harvest them for your kitchen or for commercial purposes. Yet, you will need to go through a lot to ensure that you are able to grow them in the first place.

How to Grow Them?

The growth process for Chanterelle mushrooms is not that simple and you will need to make sure first that you have the right trees that these mushrooms grow with as they are quite specific about that.

Chanterelle mushrooms grow with Oak, Maple, and birch only and a rare occurrence is also found with the white pine trees. So, first of all, you need to have one of these trees around the place that you are planning to grow the chanterelle mushrooms at and that will help you out perfectly.

The next thing that you will need to worry about is the soil. You also need to have the right soil that has good drainage and is not much acidic. The pH level should optimally be between 4-5.5 and you will need to get your soil tested before you can plan on growing these mushrooms because otherwise, they are not going to grow and that would cause you to have problems.

The next thing is time, and these mushrooms grow optimally when the weather is not that hot and the humidity is a bit higher in the wind. July and August can be considered the best months to grow chanterelle mushrooms as they get the most rainfall that is imminent for these mushrooms to grow perfectly.

After that, you will need to spread the spores in the ground and keep on watering them, and providing the right fertilizers for optimal growth. It can take years for the mushrooms to grow on the plant after you have them planted so you will need to be patient about that too.

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