Why Are There Bugs On My Tomatillo Plants?

bugs on tomatillo plants
bugs on tomatillo plants

Tomatillos add a burst of flavor and color to anything they touch. But a common question that people ask is what exactly these are. Talking about this, tomatillos are small fruits that are often compared with tomatoes. This is because the plants look quite similar, and the fruits look like they are unripe tomatoes. These mostly have a green color on them, and the outer layer of the fruit is covered with a papery husk. The plant is also from the nightshade family which is why tons of its characteristics are shared with tomatoes.

Though, you should also note that the fruit also has tons of features that separate it from other plants of the same family. Tomatillos have a unique taste on them that can not only be enjoyed by eating them directly, but you can also use the fruit as a base ingredient for your dishes. Keeping this in mind, having tomatillos planted in your garden can be amazing but some users also ask why the plants have bugs on them. If you are also getting the same issue, then going through this article should help you in getting an answer.

Bugs On Tomatillo Plants

Most plants from the nightshade family are known for attracting bugs and pests to them. This is because the fruits and vegetables have a unique scent on them that makes them appealing to insects. Just like this, your tomatillos also have a high chance of getting attacked by bugs. While some of these can just be annoying to deal with, people should understand that some pests can damage the entire harvest.

Considering this, you must understand how the problems can be dealt with. The process helps people in taking care of their fruits after an infestation and even allows them to prevent most problems from ever appearing. The most common type of insect that you will notice near your tomatillos is potato beetles. While a few of these can be easily dealt with, you should note that the beetles increase in size quickly.

If you had not been keeping your plant in check then they can easily get infested within a week. The insects can be spotted by carefully observing them, these have a yellowish to orange shade on them along with some stripes that run across them. The size of the beetles is around ¼ inches which is enough to spot them if you are keeping an eye out.

Just like this, people should note that there are also smaller types of insects that can affect your tomatillos. When it comes to this, one of the most popular bugs that people might notice is aphids. These are tiny insects that stick themselves to the leaves or stems of the plant and then start sucking the sap out of them. The insects can be difficult to spot which is why there is a high chance that by the time you spot them, your tomatillos will already be getting weak.

There are tons of other similar bugs that can attack your tomatillo plants, but it is important to note that there are some ways that can be used to prevent them. Luckily, if you take the steps required quickly then-new tomatillos can grow out that will be quite healthy and free from bugs.

Keeping Bugs Away From Tomatillo Plants

Tomatillos are invasive plants that require tons of sunlight to stay healthy. This should usually range around from about 6 hours to even 8 at times. However, most people cannot keep the plant in a spot where it can come in touch with light all this time.

Hence, an easy solution is providing the fruits with extra nutrients using a good fertilizer. These products are manufactured by tons of brands, and you should note that these also come in variants. Tons of fertilizers are already mixed with special chemicals that can keep insects away from your tomatillos.

Therefore, if you have used this product on your plants then most of the bugs found on it will be kept away. In contrast, people can also thrust water at high pressure when watering the fruits as this helps in blowing away smaller bugs that are sticking to the stems. This is a great way of getting rid of annoying pests like aphids.

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